20 July 2021

Best website to compress pdf files without reducing quality [ Tested 2021 ]

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There are many websites that provides the feature to compress pdf to reduced sizes, but, not everyone of it works properly and satisfy the required output. Sometimes they ask for signup for strong pdf compression to collect personal data. Some website even ask to submit PayPal or payment information for providing free trial compression. In case of emergency, thus it becomes very difficult to find any website that provides smooth pdf compression feature. After many research, I find an amazing pdf compression website which is super easy for pdf compression. It gives best quality output even after high compression of pdf files.

Follow the below steps to compress your pdf to your own size:-

1. Click here to go to the pdf compression page of Avepdf


visit here: https://avepdf.com/hyper-compress-pdf

2. Upload the PDF into the website from your device

3. It will now show options like low, medium, high and very high compression

4. Just click on compress as per your demanded file size

5. The website will show the size of compressed file after processing the pdf

For example, If you uploaded a pdf file size of 1 MB then it can compress it up to 400 KB. This size will be reviewed on the screen above the download button.

6. It helps the user to decide whether to click and download or not. Thus, it can save your data by displaying the information of the processed pdf size after compression.

7. The best part of using the website is that it doesn't reduce the quality of pdf to much low even under high pdf compression which is the most demanding feature.

However, going for super high pdf compression can somehow affect with the pdf quality.

Benefits of using Avepdf:-

  • It doesn't ask for signup process which can save much time.
  • It reduce the file size to desired output in seconds.
  • It shows the file size data before proceeding to download.
  • It better manages the quality of pdf even in the compressed format.
  • File size upto 250 MB can be easily uploaded and compressed.
My experience of compressing files in Avepdf

Best pdf compression website without compromising quality

I uploaded a file size of  1.28 MB and after processing the website converted the size to 425 KB --- that's really amazing right, I also have tried many website after Google search but it was something different that I loved. The most funny part is that, few website have increased my file size to 5-10 KB in the name of compression. I don't know, still why they are ranking on the first page. But, Avepdf is the best pdf compression website as per my experience.

Instead of this, there also exist one more pdf compressing website which is my personal favourite. 


Also, this is another legitimate source that allows you to proceed with optimized pdf compression without degrading the quality of the document. Also, the upside about this free PDF compressor is that it lets you compress multiple PDF files at once while keeping the quality high.

Follow these steps to perform pdf compression with theonlineconverter:

  1. At first, you require to visit “theonlineconverter.com” official site
  2. Once reached, search compress pdf
  3. Then, upload one or multiple PDFs into the tool-section
  4. Hit compress and lets the tool perform pdf compression
  5. Finally, save a compressed version of your PDF
Benefits of using theonlineconverter:

  • No registration and additional software are required to proceed with
  • Perform pdf file compression at an optimal level
  • Allow batch compression for PDF at free of cost
  • Preserves the original quality while compressing PDF

Final Words:

Students or any working professional always has to go through pdf compression once or many time in their life. Especially, the need is most at the time of submitting an application form for exams or job opportunities. People always prefer to take benefit of fast and easy services in all field. The Avepdf and Theonlineconverter.com websites are able to manage such quality till now and definitely going to be the most bookmarked website for pdf users.

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25 June 2021

Trick to use android phone as keyboard and Mouse for PC [ 2021 ]

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Most people in today's generation have higher typing speed in mobile phones than PC. The craze of texting apps like whatsapp, Facebook, telegram etc. have speed up the habit of typing as a fun to chat with others. But, when the matter come of doing work on laptop or PC, people get bore sometime because they have to sit for long time. Don't worry, there is a trick available which allow users to type faster in software's like MS-WORD directly from your android phone. The trick is also gonna work for those people whose keyword or mouse is not working due to some error. You only need to download an app both on laptop and android phone to start using the feature of android remote typing.

Follow the below steps to use android phone as keyword and Mouse:

1. Click here to Download PC remote app from Playstore.

2. Download the same app for PC ( windows version ) by clicking here 

Or You can also search for PC remote on Google and download the app on your windows laptop.

3. Now Turn ON Hotspot in your android phone and connect it with Laptop or PC.

4. Open the PC Remote Android app, You will find an option to connect on the bottom of the screen.

5. Also open the windows app at the same time and generate a QR code.

6. Scan the QR code to connect both android and PC.

7. The dashboard of PC remote has a broader rectangular space which can be used as touch pad for accessing the function of mouse.

8. The left and right boxes present below can be used to click left and right button of the mouse.

How to use PC remote as Keyboard:-

1. On the top right corner of PC remote app an option of keyboard is available which will popup the normal keyboard app on your phone.

2. Users can type on this keyboard and the same will reflect back on MS-WORD or any other TXT editor app on the PC.

3. The limitation of using android keyboard is that you can't use shortcut keys like shift, ctrl etc. But, all this problem can be solved by using Typewriter keyboard available on PC remote app.

4. In order to enable type writer keyboard, Navigate to the 3-dotted option available on the top right corner of the app and select Typewriter keys.

5. Special functions and calculator can also be accessed directly from the available options.

Benefits of using PC remote app:

1. You can use it as a mouse pad if your laptop's pad is not working.

2. You can use it when some keys on your laptop's keybord is not working.

3. It can be useful if you don't know touch typing and comfortable to type on Android than PC.

4. You can lay down on bed and type directly on the laptop screen.

5. The app is small in size and don't need any additional requirement to install on your system.

Final Words:

Emerging technologies have brought new methods to make things simpler. Infact, software developers are working hard to create innovative software for user compatibility. PC remote app is among such applications that has many other amazing features instead of typing. User can take advantage to use the app without the need for any internet connection and take as much benefit as possible.

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18 June 2021

Trick to access banned website in India without VPN ( Working 2021 )

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 A huge revolution of technology has prevailed in India in the last few years. With respect to time various new restrictions have come up for ensuring the limitation to certain apps and website. Indian government had put a ban on accessing websites like tik-tok & adult websites to safeguard the proper use of technology. But, some arrangements and hacks are still available to open those blocked website with the help of some VPN apps. But, In these post, we will know how to open any of these blocked website in India with the help of a browser. It will help to reduce the time of turning ON & OFF your VPN or wait for some fast server to connect.

How to access banned website in India

Follow the below steps to open blocked website in India without using VPN:-

1. Click here and download Puffin Browser

It is an app that has an inbuilt VPN from USA server, which connects automatically to the fastest network. The best thing about Puffin browser is that it is available on the Play store and completely safe to use as per their mentioned terms & conditions.

2. Install it on your device and open the app. On the home screen, you will find a list of bookmark like Google, Amazon etc.

3. Now go to the top bar and type the name of any website that is ban in India. You can enter the URL of tiktok.com or any other 18+ website URL.

4. Your website will open without the below warning.

 "Your requested URL has been blocked as per the directions received from the Department of Telecommunications, Government of India. Please contact an administrator for more information. "

5. With Puffin browser, You can enjoy accessing any website and spend time as long as you can without any restrictions.

Things You should know before using Puffin Browser:-

  1. Puffin browser runs on US server. So, user can access all the website that is NOT BANNED in the USA. This browser can't be accessed from countries like China, UAE and Saudi Arabia.
  2. All the website accessed from the browser is encrypted which means that the server can't track your search history on the browser. 
  3. Few ads will appear while accessing the browser. But, these ads will not irritate you as it doesn't emerge again and again.
  4. Puffin browser also have  mouse pad & gaming pad functions, which give a little experience of accessing the website in Windows. But, user can enable it as per their need.
  5. To bypass all the restrictions of accessibility user can go for the premium plan of the Puffin browser for a comfortable browsing experience.

Must take care of these things:-

1. No doubt, the browser ensure that it protects the safety of the user's privacy. But, as things have not been right always related to data So, it's hard to believe these confirmations.

2. User must treat this website as a secondary purpose. Don't open banking websites in the browser for making transactions.

3. Be on the safer side and must clear the data after you accessed your URL.

Final Words:

Apps make the work more easy and comfortable. Puffin browser is among those apps that can be quite helpful to those you want to enter blocked website in their country. The above trick of accessing banned website will give benefit to people who don't find to install free VPN apps on their phone.

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13 June 2021

Best Website to Compress Image Size up to 20 KB

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There are many tools out there on the web that offers image compression features. Dozens of PC & android apps also offer the same feature of image compressing and resizing. But, the option to customize an image into your own file size is very rare to find. It means that if you want to compress any image to 20 KB then you won't be able to do it with accurate sizes. After, trying many image compression tools I found a website for online image compression that offers amazing compression output without reducing the image quality to a greater extent.

Name of the website:


Follow the steps below to compress your image at own size:-

1. Click here to go to the file compression webpage. Follow the steps one by one mentioned on the check boxes before getting on to the next step.

2. Upload any image of your choice. The supported format for image upload is a gif, jpeg, png, tiff, etc.

3. In the next box, you will get the option to type the image file size. By default 200 KB is penned on the box. Edit it according to your output image size.

4. Now click on the "OK" button to convert the image. It usually takes 20-60 seconds of processing time based on the size of your image.

5. Download the image after your image file gets compressed.

Application on daily life:

You might have gone through the problem of image resizing or compression if you are a student or job seeker. At the time of filling an online form, students mostly have to face the problem of image resizing. So, Copy and save the website link on your notepad to save time in the future.

Website link:


Try it out with any of the images and check if it works for you.

Final words:

The era of web tools has evolved a lot from earlier days. People don't have to use the old method like Photoshop to compress image sizes. Handy features can be availed using tools like imgonline.com.ua, User dealing with such problems must opt for these simple web features to save time and get quality output.

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09 January 2021

AI vs. Bigdata: Similarity, Differences & applications

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Modern technologies have brought new types of terminology in the field of science. Most people are aware of the idea of AI as it has been a part of their gadgets. But, in-depth understanding and knowledge of AI are only known to technology professionals. A significant confusion arises when people start comparing AI with Bigdata. Both these buzzwords seem to link with each other and create confusion among people. But, separating the interconnections will give a clear idea regarding the theories. In this post, we will reveal the understandings of the broad concepts related to AI & Bigdata. It will let you clear the vision for both these terms.

What is Bigdata?

It is a raw form of data in a large volume comprising of both structured and unstructured information. Bigdata companies store this information. It is their role to reorganize the data in a suitable format and sell it to business companies. This bulk data help the company to know about the interest of people of a particular region. Looking into this consideration, they make future decisions about launching or removing a product. It plays a significant role in predicting future sales and competing among similar companies. This vast data of the people helps increase revenue and benefits them to build trust among people.

List of some Bigdata companies:

All the top-level tech companies take the data of their users to avail their services. It is collected either by granting accessibility from devices or signup data forms. They stored the data in large database files in the cloud server and secured it under their record. Some of the top Bigdata companies are the following:

  • Cloudera

  • Spunk

  • Alteryx

  • Trial

  • Teradata

  • Google

  • Microsoft

  • Databricks

What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI or Artificial Intelligence is the modern innovation of providing intelligence to the software. It is achieved by machine learning and neural network. Unlike, humans were taught from childhood to know a language and understand the world. In the same way, machines are guided by recognizing human voices, images and responding as per the input response. It has been all possible with the creation of machine learning software. This software is associated with providing skills like planning, reasoning, representing, and manipulating input data. Overall, it builds artificial intelligence in the system. Some of the most commonly used artificial intelligence is Siri on Apple, Alexa of Amazon, and google assistant. Modern artificial intelligence includes self-driving cars, 3D modeling programs of the satellite.

Applications of AI:

The role of AI is not only limited to mobile phones and making cars. It has the following applications in our day to day life:

  • AI in e-commerce: advanced AI plays the role of ad suggestion, auto ad display related to the interest to draw the customer's attention to boost sales. 

  • Business improvements: New tools and channels are out in companies to solve queries and provide technical help to the employees.

  • Cybersecurity: Companies take the help of AI software to secure their data files and resources. AI software also play great role in maintaining financial security.

  • Healthcare: in biotechnological branches, new apps and devices hold AI to assure patients' safety anefficacy.

Similarity: AI vs. Bigdata

No doubt, AI & Bigdata are two different terms, but they are interrelated with each other. More data input while experiments of software give more accurate results. For example, in an image recognition app, every image provides a different binary signal inside the AI's neural network. These signals are responsible for predicting the output. Big data companies make use of their collected data resources to train machines and establishing their neural configuration. The continuous workflow of machine learning is increasing day by day to upgrade the working of artificial intelligence.

Differences: Bigdata vs. AI

The primary difference between AI & Bigdata is the unit of operation. Bigdata comes in raw format and needs to be well organized or structured before coming into use. But, Artificial Intelligence is the processed output data. It displays the result by carrying out operations based upon the input. It works in the same way humans do to carry out experiments. These functions are not possible in traditional devices as every work needs human beings' physical presence to make something possible. It is the reason why it becomes an initial ingredient of creating an AI successfully. The AI operations will be more accurate if more data are put into machine learning. Every data gives a different binary response to the AI system, which helps it decide which output to give. So, Bigdata plays a significant role in making an AI successful. It can change its behavior frequently only after recognizing different types of data.

Role of Bigdata in Artificial intelligence:

Bigdata have the following application in making an AI successful:-

  • Machine learning: bigdata is the initial parameter of machine learning that helps the AI to detect objects, values, images in binary forms. In the whole process of machine learning, data seems to be the backbone in carrying out the input and output operations.

  • Neural network:- They play a significant role in building the neural network inside an AI. The artificial ability to think and respond like humans are only possible with the neural network.

  • Job opportunities: Big data and AI are separate branches. So, a lot of job opportunities are available in data management courses. New job opportunities like data analysts, data scientists, and data managers have provided a new carrier to the students. 

  • Data analytics: The operations on AI can be checked with the help of analytical tools. New data are required for processing the old one. The continuous data model links the workflow to display all the operations responsible for building an AI program. 


Bigdata and its operation are essential parameters in making a successful AI. Their linkage has a lot of applications in making the technology more advanced. In the upcoming days, a new change in the world is going to arise. It is all due to the coming of recent studies based on the current demand for technology. 

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03 January 2021

How to get Plastic Aadhar card (PVC card ) online full guide | Price - Rs 50

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Plastic aadhar card

Aadhar card is the official identity certificate that gives the proof of being an Indian citizen. In the beginning, the card is sent to the address via an envelope. It has your name and address written in a VPS or photo printing paper. Due to materializing technologies and looking into the citizen's complaints, Govt. of India has started the service to deliver plastic Aadhar card after small online identity verification. Aadhar card users can now order plastic or PVC Aadhar cards by doing a few clicks on the web. It will be the same as your ATM/Shopping, which will be easy to carry and doesn't get damaged easily. In this post, you will glimpse the official method to order plastic aadhar or PVC Aadhar card from the UIDAI website.


Make the following things ready before you begin to order your plastic aadhar card:

  1. Aadhar card number/ Virtual aadhar card ( mentioned on Aadhar card image/photo )

  2. Your AADHAR Registered mobile number for OTP. ( If you don't have a registered mobile number, you can use any alternative number )

  3. Rs 50 ( For making an online payment for shipping or card charges )

How to order Plastic Aadhar Card (PVC card ):

PVC aadhar card

Carefully follow the below steps to order your Plastic Aadhar card:-

  1. Go to the official aadhar authority website, i.e., uidai.gov.in, and search for PVC card to get the option (Or) Click here to navigate directly  https://residentpvc.uidai.gov.in/order-pvcreprint

  2. After landing at the above URL of UIADAI, you will be asked to enter your 12 digit Aadhar card number or 16 digits VID.

  3.  Kindly fill in the details carefully without any error because the website doesn't give the option to retype your Aadhar card for confirmation.

  4. Then, you will be asked to fill in Captcha. Below it, you will find an option to enter your Aadhar registered mobile number.

  5. Enter your Aadhar registered mobile number and click on get OTP to verify your Aadhar card mobile number. ( All the details regarding shipping will be sent only to your registered number ).

  6. If you don't have registered your number for Aadhar verification, you can tick mark the checkbox and enter any unregistered accessible mobile number.

  7. OTP will also be sent to your unregistered mobile number to check accessibility.

  8. After entering OTP, you will be redirected to the payment page. Make sure you have Rs 50 available in your payment source to avoid failure of the transaction.

  9. You will get the payment options of Netbanking, debit card, UPI address on the UIDAI website.

  10. After making the payment, you will get a receipt regarding order details like transaction ID, GST number, etc. Download the pdf keep it with yourself until your Plastic Aadhar card doesn't get shipped to your address.

  11. That's all; your PVC Aadhar card will be shipped to the same address mentioned on your card within 7-10 days, depending on the location.

Common questions that people ask regarding Plastic Aadhar card:

1. What is the necessity of a PVC Aadhar card?

Pvc Aadhar card service is made for the comfortability of the citizens. It is easy to carry on wallets and don't get damaged easily.

2. Can I show a PVC Aadhar card for conforming to my identity?

Yes, the PVC Aadhar card does the same role as your original Aadhar card. It has a UAIDI shinning sticker attached on the right surface that confirms that the card is shipped from India's radar authority. You can also use it for self-attested photocopies of official work.

3. Why UAIDI is shipping a Plastic Aadhar card even with an unregistered mobile number?

Aadhar card will only be shipped to the address mentioned on it. Nobody can change the location of shipping. So, it will safely get delivered to the same address without any issue.

4. What type of details are mentioned in PVC or plastic Aadhar card?

The user will have the photograph, Aadhar card number, date of birth, Father's name, a quick verification QR code, and a UADAI sticker on the card's front side.

On the card's backside, users will the details about their address with an Indian national flag.

5. Why my Aadhar card is not shipped yet to my address?

It usually takes 3-10 days, depending upon the place you live. In case you have not received it, you can call Aadhar customer care and raise your question.

Final words:

Emerging technologies have brought new and comfortable strategies in the governmental sector. Upgrading the workflow with a satisfying policy can benefit the citizen and evolve the nation's growth. PVC Aadhar card is just a primary step of up-gradation for the people of India. Further, a lot more things are still to come up for improvement. 

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27 November 2020

How to Activate Guest Mode in ANDROID device ??

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Have you ever had to give your Android smartphone to a friend for a while . If you have done so often raises many questions in your mind about privacy .Of course he could see your personal data.Happily , Android 5.0 Lollipop has option to Active Guest mode.This option is similar to reinstall the Android 5.0 Lollipop .And as soon as you switch on your Google account , all data saved in the guest mode is automatically deleted.

Follow these methods:

1. First open notification bar at the top of the page by swiping down the screen.

2. Double- tap the icon menu in the top right.

3. Now you will get three icons on the screen. Your Google Account , Add Guest and Add user.

4. Tap the Add Guest.

Your smartphone will now get switch to the guest mode. In doing so it will take some time and it is possible that the phone may be a little slow in the beginning. When the job is over, you can most easily go back to your Google account .Once again , repeat the procedure described in 1 and 2 numbers.Then tap on the icon with the Google account.

All save data will be deleted of guest session. Smartphone having Android 5.0 Lollipop then you must check about guest mode. Every brand has different names , so in your phone app search for Kids Mode or Guest Mode option.

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How to lock Pen Drive without software:

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Pen Drive is used more to transfer Data because its size is considerably smaller .As a result, it becomes quite easy to carry Because of its small size.To keep your data secure pen drive must be locked with a password .Let us know how to lock pen drives without any software:

Follow steps below:-

1-Connect Pen drive to the computer . Then , click on My Computer , right-click on pen drive.  Now turn on the option to select BitLocker.

2-Following this, another window will open and will close itself .

3-Then another window will open from which you will have to choose this ‘Use a password to unlock the drive.

4- Now you ‘ll have to type your password twice in the empty box .

5-A new window will open in front of you , which will ask to save bitLocker recovery key .Take note of it , it might come in handy when you forget the password .So Please choose one option.

6- Now choose option, Here we have chosen the second option . After which the computer will ask the location where we can save it . Choose the location of your choice.

7-Having save you will see option something like this .now click Next.

8-Another window will come, again click on Next .

9-In the new window , click on start encrypting.

10-Encryption will begin now and you will see this box.

11-It will take a few minutes to complete. After which you have to make it close.

12-Now After disconnecting, connect your pen drive again. Now when you double click on a pen drive will seek to unlock the password . You can access it by entering the password.

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