15 April 2016

Trick to find the owner name of a vehicle by sending an SMS.

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Today I am going to post a simple trick through which you can trace the owner name of a vehicle. It just a simple trick. Specially tracing the owner details of a vehicle (two wheeler , four wheeler ) is quite important to help a person who has faced an accident.In fact if you have found miss drive by some drinker or any other person then with the help of this trick you can directly trace the owner name. Some how In big cities it is a most important safeguard for you.

You might have heard about that Mostly girls notify their parents each and every minute of their current details by informing the vehicle number of the taxi or auto fare by which they travel. I advice you to save this number as it can help you anytime. So friends just follow the steps below to trace the details of a vehicle.

1) First note down the vehicle number of a person you wanna to trace.

For example
:- Let me try to trace the owner of the above vehicle image

2) Just go to write message and send SMS in the Format below to 7738299899

SMS :- VAHAN OR05AQ6010 to 7738299899 if you wanna to trace the vehicle owner of OR05AQ6010

SMS VAHAN (space) Vehicle number and send it to 7738299899 .

3) Click here to save this number.

4) You will get a reply from VK-VAHAN or VM-VAHAN with the owner and vehicle details with in 5 minutes

5) Note down to remove the hipens ( - ) while writing your message.

6) Don't forget to put space after writing VAHAN

7) This service is by government. As you have the right to know information.

8) Note that you must have sms plan or balance in your mobile because this service is NOT TOLLFREE you will be charged rs 1.50 only for an SMS sent if you don't have your SMS pack.

Details of above mentioned the vehicle number received as SMS from VAHAN service with owner details

It is really quite interesting right?????

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