11 May 2016

150kadum.in - Earn money online directly on your bank account ( full plan guide)

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The best online earning trick is here.

The world is MADE of peoples and peoples are MAD of money. Money is a necessary event as money is necessary for happiness.

Today I am posting you an awesome authentic authorized and most interesting trick through which you can really make handsome of money online. The concept of this scheme is based on CROWD FUNDING PLAN. 150kadum is a 2 × 8 crowd funding autofill matrix plan which can enable you to earn in thousand to lakhs depending on the level you work on.

What do you need to start 150kadum plan

1) Basic Internet knowledge

2) Bank account or paytm account (to send and receive payment)

3) RS 150 /- only

4) Basic knowledge of communicating with people to make them understand about the plan.

5) It is not necessary to give PAN card and BANK DETAILS or NOMINEE details on registration page you can keep it blank and update later

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What you have to do on 150kadum ???

You have to join only 2 peoples by your referral link. Every member on this plan have their own referral link.

You can have your link only if you register under some other person(sponser)

FOR EXAMPLE :- http://150kadum.in/589120

Here 589120 is the id of person. If you register from this link the person whom the id belong will be your sponser.

What is the registration fees to be a member of 150kadum

Infact there is NO registration fees to a member of 150kadum. You can register here for free. The Only thing you need is rs 150 which you have to pay to your sponser ( the person under whom id you had joined ) to activate your web link. THUS ; There is a small activation fees of rs 150
NOTE THAT :- you have to pay this amount to your sponser only. After that you will be eligible to join 2 members on your 1st level. You will be notified via SMS .

What you have to do after activation of your id

Activation of your id directly means that you are now active to join two members. The only work you to do is to join 2 members only by taking rs 150 from each of them from your referral link.

You have now rs 300

For example :- If you joined 2 members named A and B from your referral link then you are now the sponser of A and B. Note that only you can activate the Id of A as well as B. After activation you have to upgrade your 1st level.

How you can upgrade the 1st level.

This method is so simple you have to pay RS 300 to your 2nd upline. Don't worry about to know who is your 2nd upline. You will receive a pop up on web as well as notified via SMS directly on your registered mobile saying to pay rs 300 to the 2nd upline.

After paying the upgradation fees your 1st level will be upgraded sucessfully. You can note here that you dont had paid money from your hand but you just paid the money which you had received from A & B.

On 1st Level your total profit will be zero as whatever you had got you payed it for upgradation.

But don't worry your real income will start from 2nd level

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What is 2nd level and how can you earn from your 2nd level

Total members of your 2nd level will be 4 ( A will join 2 and B will join 2 ) To earn from each level you had to upgrade your level. As you paid rs 300 (earned from 1st level) for 1st level upgradatiom.Thus; Now you will earn rs 300 from 4 members of your 2nd level.

300 × 4 = 1200

You will have rs 1200 now. Thus In the same way to receive payment from your 3rd level ( 8 members ) you will have to upgrade your 2nd level by paying rs 600 to your 3rd upline ).

Why will each member of your 2nd level will pay you RS 300 ???

This is the most confusing question. Infact many peoples really got confused if they are a new user and trying to know about 150kadum.

The answer is when your members of 2nd level will make their 2nd level then they have to pay an upgradation fees of rs 300 to their 2nd upline. You can note that you are the 2nd upline of them thus because of this reason they will pay you rs 300.

Total profit on your 2nd level=

1200 - 600 = 600

NET PROFIT FROM 2nd level = 600

What is 3rd level and how much you can earn from this level??

Total members of your 3rd level will be 8. Thus to receive payments from your 3rd level you have to upgrade your 2nd level by paying rs 600 to your 3rd upline.

Thus when your 3rd level will make their 3rd level then they have also to upgrade their 3rd level by paying rs 600 to their 3rd upline and you know that you are the 3rd upline of them. Therefore All the 8 members of your 3rd level will pay you rs 600

Total money you will receive from your 3rd level will be

8 × 600 = 4800

Upgradation fees for 3rd level


You NET profit from 3rd level

4800 - 2000 = 2800

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The same process will carry on till 8th level see the below table for complete level guidelines

Table showing details and profit of all the levels

150kadumLevel 1 Level 2Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7Level 8
Members 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256
Each member will pay you 150 300 600 2000 4000 800016000 32000
Total amount you will have from all members = total members × amount 2 × 150 = 300 4 × 300 = 1200 8 × 600 = 4800 16 × 2000 = 32000 32 × 4000 = 1,28,000 64 × 8000 =5,12,000 128 × 16000 = 20,48,000 256 × 32000 = 81,96,000
Upgradation fees 300 600 2000 4000 8000 16000 32000 Zero
Profit = Total amount - upgradation fees 300 - 300 = 0 1200 - 600 = 600 4800 - 2000 = 2800 32000 - 4000 = 28000 1,28,000 - 8000 = 1,20,000 5,12,000 - 16,000 = 4,96,000 20,48,000 - 32000 = 20,16,000 81,92,000 - zero = 81,92,000
NET Profit 1,8,55,400

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After registration you can call me on 7381513666 to activate your id or you can also contact on our WhatsApp broadcast number below.

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