Trick to create unlimited fake gmail account

Today I am posting you a trick through which you can make unlimited fake email id particularly with gmail from your single email id(gmail). If you are trying to create multiple account on websites like facebook , fast2sms , ultoo , ziptt or any other website then this will surely work for your verification.


Things you will need to create unlimited gmail id

1) A gmail account without dot (full stop mark)
For example :-

You can make your as:-

How to use

In this id you can find that there is no dot (full stop) in trickspagal, thus this will 100% work if you are creating multiple account on a website to register.

Now you just put a dot in between any letter of your email

For example :- In Your fake email id (gmail) are below :-






More and more pattern would be generated if you will put two dots or three dotsor more





All the above are your fake email ids
because all of these email id will deliver message only and only to

Google itself had provided this official feature to protect your email privacy.

For example :- If you don't wanna to share your email with somebody then you can share your email in the method mentioned above to receive your email.

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