23 June 2016

Pesa.net.in , Earn money online directly on your bank account from rs 100.

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Founder of pesa.net.in
BHOPARAI ( business chairman (UK))

What is Pesa.net.in

Its not a crowd funding like 150kadum. Its a different concept for people who are using particularly whatsapp or payUmoney or debitcards to earn money online directly on their bank account. With the help of their referral link. the system of pesa is totally based online earning. The money is paid directly on your bank account every friday.

Things you need to start PESA

1) 100 rupees

2) PayUmoney wallet or debit / credit card.

3) Basic knowledge of using WhatsApp or facebook to share your referral link.

If you dont have debit or credit card to make payment. then use icici poket wallet app for internet banking or HDFC payZ app or virtual cards from Oxigen wallet.

4) A bank account to receive your payment every Friday.

How to register

1) Click here
to register or enter sponser id 13877 to register

2) Enter your mobile number and email id and click on pay now button

3) On payUmoney page enter your payUmoney password if you have.

4) If you dont payUmoney account click on Guest out option and pay via debit card or net banking

<!---Still if you are not willing to give all these details then transfer us rs 100 via paytm wallet on 7381513666 by mentioning your email and mobile number on the option of transfer menu. so that we can pay for you. You will receive your userid and password for login on your mobile as well as on your email id.---!>

Download this three video of Pesa.net.in to know the plan

1) To understand it clearly 1st download these 3 videos below and save it so that you can share it with your friends on WhatsApp.

Video to understand the plan by bhoparai

Digital video to understand the plan

Important video to know how to make payment using debit card for pesa.net.in
I am sure that after viewing all these video you will definitely interested to join.

What you have to do in this pesa.net.in

You have to just forward the above 3 videos to WhatsApp groups or chats with your referral link.

When someone join with your referral link and made a payment of rs 100 then you will get rs 40 directly on your bank account. Make sure that you should have update your bank details before sharing your referral link.

LEVEL INCOME (same for every level)

1st level

You will get rs 40 of every 2nd 4th 6th 10th 14th members and so on......

After 2nd level and next

You will also get rs 40 of every 2nd 4th 6th 10th 14th members and so on....

Note that :- After 10th members you will income from every +4 i.e. 14th 18th 22th etc.

My payment proof

Legal documents of pesa.net.in

Click here to join Pesa

Enter sponser id 13877 while registration.

Join our whatsapp broadcast to get latest update. Just message
TP to 9937849951

click here to save this number

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