Full guide to create a bitcoin account in india

Hii friends hope you are earning and enjoying from our updates.Today i am going to give you full guide from which you can make bitcoin account in India. Bitcoin is a digital currency accepted worldwide so if you have a bitcoin wallet then you can receive payment easily from any place of the world especially if you are doing international MLMs marketing or earning money online as part time.

In India ZebPay app is the leading controller through which carryout the function of buying and selling bitcoins.

1)Click here and download ZebPay app

2) Sign up on the app by giving your mobile number and name and email Id

3) Complete the mobile verification process by entering the OTP received on your phone

4) You will get 0.0001 btc (100 bids) as sign up bonus

5) Complete the account verification process by uploading or scanning your PAN card And submitting your bank account details with IFSC code etc.

6) You are done !!! Now go to the menu bar and click on buy and sell option. Load bitcoin on your account by transferring money on the shown account number.

7) The bank account number to which to have to send money will be shown on the app as well as you will also receive an email from zebpay showing the account details.

8) Always transfer money on the zebpay given account number through NEFT , RTGS or IMPS.

9) You will receive bitcoin on your account within 2 hours of transfer. It may take maximum 1 working day depending on the server.

One more thing you should know that You can also earn good profit if you like to invest money on bitcoin. The rate of bitcoin fluctuates in between rs 38,000 to rs 41,000 . It means that when the rate of bitcoin will be lower you can buy it, and when its price go on increase you can also sell it without any problem. suppose you buy 1 bitcoin by investing rs 38000 and you sell it when its price increase to 41000 this means that you directly make a profit of rs 3000 just by rotation of your money.

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