Zarfund full guide and plan to earn money online

Zarfundfull guide andplanto earn money online Fullplanand guide will be posted here very soon ...

Zarfund is really awesome, flying to 20,000 +. Members now,. this is the kind of sites that everyone should join rather than those scam sites.
Zarfund will create millionaires in the next 3 to 4 months. I really recommend people to join asap. Its a win win solution for people like us . What about you? Still want to be scammed? . To start with zarfund, make sure you have 0.03btc before clicking on upgrade.

Otherwise, you have 24 hrs to donate your first and failure to do so will have your account removed by zarfund system.
When you have btc ready, click upgrade and follow the steps required. When it's done, please inform me Discover how it works here.

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ZARFUND INFO to 8866860369


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Features of zarfund

Member to member

It is a member to member plan based upon the crowd funding system. Money here is not paid to the company but here the money are paid to the members itself.

Working principle of zarfund

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Things you need to join zarfund

1) Bitcoin account If you don't know how to create bitcoin account and receive payment in India click here to know

2) Rs 1300 or 0.03 btc

3) Full or basic internet knowledge.

Levels of Zarfund for earning

Level Profit Earning in dollars


2 persons

0.01 btc

6 $


4 persons

0.1 btc

61 $


8 persons l

0.60 btc

368 $


16 persons

2.2 btc

1349 $


32 persons

30 btc

18403 $


64 persons

128 btc

75521 $

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To know any details about zarfund. Just message

ZARFUND INFO to 8866360869

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