19 November 2016

Different writing styles on Whatsapp that can make your chatting style unique

Its a trick of symbols on Whatsapp from you can surprise the person chatting with your unique way of writing. This trick is really easy and seems to be different, delighting and exciting. I had Additional tricks

Trick to type bold letters

You have to put * (star symbol) at the beginning and ending of those letters you want to make bold.

Trick to cut mark on your written chats in Whatsapp

You have to put ~ (this symbol ) at the beginning and ending of those letters you want to make a cut mark.

Trick to write in italic

You have to put _(this symbol) at the beginning and ending of those letters you want to make italic

Trick to send one message to 99 members at a time.

You can do this by creating broadcast and adding those members you wanna to send the same message at once.
Suppose you want to wish all your friend for an occassion or to send message as notice or your referral link of any app. You can use this trick to send messages.

How can you create group invitation link

1) Download GB Whatsapp from here

2) Open and create a group

3) Click on add participants option and generate your group invitation link from invite friends via link

How can you use 2 Whatsapp on your mobile with different number without parallel space

1) Download GB Whatsapp from here…

2) Install and run Whatsapp on another number.

How can you use Whatsapp on chrome browser or any other web browser

1) Click here and download Whatsapp Scan

2) Open your whatsapp and select Whatsapp web.

3) Open Whatsapp scan app and scan your QR code.

4) Your Whatsapp will be activated and run on Whatsapp web app.

5) Using this method you can also hack the Whatsapp of any of your friends by scaning his QR code.

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