OLA cab unlimited trick to take unliited free rides

The main twist in Ola unlimited trick is linking virtual credit card to your ola account and when it will ask for payment after taking any long ride then you have to just logout your ola account without paying a single penny and create a new account and continue with the same process of linking a fake credit credit card which have no money on it.

How can you create fake virtual credit card for linking it your ola account

Click here and download udio wallet app.

2) Sign up and create your account by verifying your mobile number.

3) After login generate your virtual credit card by clicking on generate udio card.

4) You can generate your card by adding rs 10 on your udio wallet. by debit credit card or by requesting money from other udio wallet users.

5) Don't load more than rs 10 on your udio wallet as it will be deducted automatically after taking your ride. Rs 10 is deducted while linking your card to ola as some card linking charges

What you have to do on ola app for unlimited trick

Click here and download ola app.

1) First sign up for a new user.

2) On the payment option select credit / debit card option.

3) Now enter your 16 digit credit card number , Expiry date and CVC generated from udio wallet.

4) And click on save card and pay rs 10 from your udio card.

5) On the payment page you have to type your udio password for verification of your udio card.

Hurray your fake credit card is now linked to your ola account and you are ready to take unlimited ride.

Restriction from udio wallet app

1) The limitation is you can create only one udio account from one android.

2) But you can unlimited udio accounts if you have device Id changer app pro.

After taking ride from udio virtual card from ola app with your credit card. It will inform you to pay the amount But don't pay it and create another new account and enjoy free loot of taking free ola ride.

Unlimited trick

You need a rooted device to use this trick.

1) Download device id changer pro and random all the values

2) Download xprivacy app and select udio and ola app.

3) open xprivacy app and tick on phone , identification, Shell ,storage and system.

4) Create unlimited ola and udio account and enjoy free rides.

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