How can you hack the Facebook account of your victim

Hello friends today's post is based on hacking Facebook account of your victim which is 100% working trick of 2017. The trick which I am sharing with you is known as phishing method of hacking the Facebook account with the help of this method you can get the username and password of your friend without even let them known. In phishing method you have to create a duplicate Facebook login page which is exactly same like of the Facebook original login page . You have to then forward this to your victim and allow him to login only once by mistakely on the page and then his account will be hacked and finally will be your one.

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Follow the steps below hack Facebook account

1) Search z shadow on Google.

2) Sign up for an account on z shadow homepage.

3) login to your account on z shadow then you will see 2 options

#) hotmail WAP #) Facebook WAP

4) Click on Facebook WAP option and select the USA FLAG button to get the page in english then you will get your phishing or duplicate Facebook login page.

5) Just copy the phishing page link.

6) Now you are ready to hack the Facebook account of victim with the help of your victimised link.

7) When your victim login Facebook with your duplicate page then you will get the username and password of your friend on your z shadow account...

8) This trick is only for educational purpose don't try to misuse the trick.

How can you customize your Facebook phishing link

As the phishing link are so lengthy so people usually don't click on such link and detect it as a duplicate one. So it will be best if you customize your long URL phishing link to a short one.

List of some URL shortner website where you can shorten your URL



3) Customizing Phishing link by hosting with a domain

Currently there are many ways in which you can host a URL to make your phishing page appear as a real one. You can either buy domain if low budget for one year from godaddy or you can also host your URL free of cost by choosing Domain hoaster.

If you are a beginner you can try a domain for phishing customization.

Steps you should follow after creating your phishing page.

After your Facebook phising page is ready you have to run your brain so that you can attack your victim and make him to login his Facebook account via your duplicate phising page.

You can do this either by sharing your phising link with the help of some fake information. Forwarding the link from your original Facebook Id may make him doubt on you. So always try to message the link to your victim with the help of a fake Facebook Id.

You can either share your phising link in the following ways to your victim.

1) Facebook autoliker URL click on the link below and select your profile to get 10 likes instantly on each login. I also first find it as fake but now I know that it is working perfectly.

2) Facebook online hider URL login and click on hide button on Facebook and you will be offline if you want to be online again click on make on online button.

3) Auto birthday wishes sender tool login your account and click on allow auto birthday wish on left corner to activate your auto happy birthday message sender to your friend.

4) Find naughty friends and chat with anonymous naughty girls make them your friend. click on the link and join now.

5) This beautiful boys or girls are waiting for your message join today by clicking on this link and join today.

6) Facebook auto logouter link which will make you out of your Facebook account without really clicking on logout button.

7) Facebook auto replier which will reply your friend aurimatically when you are offline just like don't disturb , busy today, thanks for message will reply you soon.

Using all this method you can forward URL to any WhatsApp group or personally to your Facebook victim account.

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