How can you type upside down text in whatsapp

There are various method and trick of writing different styles and text in whatsapp which I have already mentioned in my previous post. But writing upside down is really shocking and surprisable. When I have first used this method, I got various shocking reply like " How did you do this ??" ..... " wow amazing " ..... " Also tell me the trick ??? " .....

The trick is so simple just download the upside-down text app available on playstore

1) Open the app after download , and        write those sentences on the app to whom you wanna to flip

2) The written text will be reflected below.

3) Just long press on the fliped text and copy and paste it on your whatsapp or facebook text widget....

4) You will see that " you have successfully fliped the text"

5)  әnbıun әlʎʇs бuıʇʇɐɥɔ ɹnoʎ әʞɐɯ puɐ ʞɔıɹʇ sıɥʇ әsn ʇsnɾ 

## One more important thing is that. You can also use this trick on facebook for writing text of your choice.....on comments ... Updating status .. etc.... ###

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People always like to see something different and amazing...

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Don't forget to comment below with the experience of using the trick and also mention what replies you got from your friends....

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