Mr. X method of hiding your private videos and images on your phone

You all might have seen that most of the persons use third-party app to hide their private videos , images , music and documents. But Mr. X method of hiding video is just like the character of Mr. X ( imraan hasmi in the movie Mr. X ). You can totally make your file invisible. Your file will exist on your phone but people will not open it nodoubt they will see the file but they will not open the file thinking it as a virus infected file.

What is Mr. X trick ????

In this trick the file type are converted or renamed to .XMR (x mr ) format.
For example - Suppose a video is in the form of .mp4 then you have to rename the file to .xmr that's all your file will be changed to a private format.
It means 

.mp4 to .xmr

.3gp to .xmr

.JPEG to .xmr

.pdf to .xmr

Whenever you want to view your hidden videos images or file you have to change the file type to its original format.

.xmr to .mp4 

.xmr to .3gp

.xmr to .JPEG

.xmr to .pdf

It means you have to change it to your original format to see it.

How to use the trick ?????

1) Long press on the file type you wanna to hide.

2) Rename the file type to .xmr

3) Your file is hidden now and whenever you want to open the file again long press on the file you have changed to .xmr and change it to your original format ( .mp4 , .3gp, .pdf etc...)

4) That's all you are done...

How Mr. X is helpful


1) hiding private videos ( mostly p**ns )

2) Hiding girl friends or boy friends call records or images.

3) Personal documents or pdf diary maintenance.

4) Top secret files.

5) Saved memories which you will like to view once after one or two weeks.

6) To make everyone fool that you are a simple guy who does not have even anything naughty on his or her phone.

7) Used on a family phones. Which ran in-between many hands of your family members.

8) Finally, The credit goes of hiding imraan hasmi videos and kissing scenes . You can also hide if you want.....*****

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