- Beware before investing here.

There are various ways of earning money from internet and  most of the people infact search on internet  about different ways of earning money from internet.
Searching results to land them on the page of SMS SENDING JOBS , ADS POSTING JOB , DATA ENTRY JOB ETC.

How funny to say that they will give you RS 5 for sending per sms. You can send maximum 100 sms per day and make an income of rs 500.

This is totally bullshit they take from you a big amount of money as Registration fees and You start to work on their website by spending lots of your valuable hour for working.

At the time for your payment they block your account or excuse some reason.
"""" Friends all this above has happened with me also """""
When I was a new tier and making deep search for making money tricks on internet.

The company was
Let's discuss a brief line about the company..


This company is MLM as well as SMS SENDING JOB based company. It pay you for sending sms . If you joined someone under your downline they give you an amount of rs 500. Until you joined someone you can't redeem your earning..
The planning seemed to be quite trusted but they don't do that. They block each and every person account after they reach the minimum threshold limit of withdraw...

How much the company is earning per day.


The registration fees of the company is around rs 2700.
Every day more than 20 to 50 peoples joined and being fooled by this company.
It means the company is earning
2700 × 30 = 81000
2700 × 50 = 135000

These are extremely terrific an average the company is making an income of 40 to 50 thousand just by fooling peoples per day...
So you can imagine how it may be earning from peoples every month...
So beaware before investing on those company.
I warn you that each and every SMS sending job proving company are fake..... So don't join such fraud companies and save your money from being lost by them...
If you really want to earn money legally then click here to know how can you do it..

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