Champcoin - full details and guide to trade

# STEP 1 : How to Buy Bitcoins ?

1. First of all , Install Zebpay App ( indian Users) from playstore

If You doesn't belongs from india make a google search to buy bitcoins.

2. Signup on zebpay. (Rs.100 worth Bitcoin Free on First Buy or Sale - Enter Refer Code : REFABHI9763 )

3. Submit Your KYC (know your customer) documents (PAN Card ) to ZebpayApp.

4. It Will take maximum 2-4 days to  your KYC verification by zebpay and then your account will be activated.

5. After verification of KYC , Click :Buy / Sell Bitcoins

6. Now Enter Amount in INR  which you want to convert to Bitcoin . Eg : Rs 60,000

7. Note down Bank Account Details like account number , Account Name , IFSC Code etc from this page and Transfer money .

8. Now You have to Transfer Money to Zebpay IT Service Private Limited Bank Account via Internet Banking / NEFT (They will not accept cash payments.)

9. Note down Reference Number and Take Snapshot of Payment Page after making payment.

10. After Transfer of  Money Open Zebpay Again and Click Again on Buy / Sell Bitcoin.

11. Now Click on “Payment References” and Enter Reference Number of payment and Upload Snapshot of Payment Too and Press “OK”.

12. Now You Will receive Bitcoins within 2 hours in your Zebpay Wallet.

'""""""You must know that you can only buy champion from Bitcoin currency. So you need to create a Bitcoin account in order to buy champcoin."""""""".

# STEP 2 : How to Create Account in C-Cex Exchange ?

1. Open C-Cex Exchange and Click on Signup.
2. After Doing signup Your C-Cex will be ready.
3. Login to C-Cex Exchange and Click on “Generate Address” Which is inside [BTC] deposit address.
4. Click on “generate New Address” and Your Address is Generated.
5. Now Click on Deposit Address to Copy your Address . Once Address is Copied Save it in your mobile or any File.This is Your Bitcoin receiving Address forC-Cex exchange and Basically this Address will be needed if You Want to Send your Bitcoins to C-Cex Exchange.

# STEP 3 : How to Transfer Bitcoins to C-Cex Exchange ?

1. Open Zebpay App Again and Click on “Send / Receive Bitcoins”
2. Now Click on Middle “B” with Right Arrow (important)
3. Important : Click on “B” With Circle which in Bottom Right of Page.
4. Now Click on Name and Enter Your Name (This is Most Important Step) .
5. Now Copy Your Bitcoin Receiving Address of C-Cex Exchange and Paste it in Bitcoin Receiving Address Box ( Most Important)
6. Click on Right Tick .# NOTE :Now Your Zebpay Bitcoins Will be Transferred to C-Cex Exchange Address And As ChampCoin Launches You can Buy ChampCoin very easily from it. And Rest of The Process We will Tell You As ChampCoin Launches , So we have to wait For it for Some more days…

# STEP 4 : How to Create ChampCoin Wallet Address ?

✅ Step 1 : Open website :- (

✅ Step 2 : Fill the Signup Form By entering Username , Password and Email Id .

✅ Step 3 : Click on Signup

✅ Step 4 : Now login With Your Username and Password

✅ Step 5 : You Will See *34 Digit Wallet Address* .

✅ Step 6 : Copy this wallet address and Note down in your note book or mobile.

How to redeem chamcoin ✅ Step 1 : Click Redeem

✅ Step 2 : Click ChampCoin.

✅ Step 3 : Now Paste Your ChampCoin wallet address in ChampCoin Wallet address Field. ( This step is most important , If you enter wrong ChampCoinWallet addres then Your Money may be Exhausted)

✅ Step 4 : Enter Amount and Press Submit.# NOTE :Now You will Recieve Your ChampCoins in your ChampCoin Wallet with 15-30 Days on the Same Rate on which you booked.

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