08 May 2017

100% working trick to transfer paytm balance to bank in 2017 at 0% charge

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Let me tell you how can you transfer your paytm balance to bank without any charges. Now a days paytm is charging a charge of 2.1% online transferring your money from paytm wallet to bank. But with the help of this trick you can easily transfer your paytm balance to bank.

Merits of the trick

1) You will not be charged any charges for doing this

2) Your money will safely reach to your bank account.

De-merits of the trick

1) Your money will settled to your bank account within 24 hours.

2) You would need 2 Paytm Wallets for doing the trick ( 2 mobile phones ).

How to use the trick

1) Click on the Home Button on paytm wallet app.

2) Now click on accept paytm button button.

3) You will see two options.

* accept paytm from paytm wallet
* accept paytm to bank

You must add your bank account number and IFSC code to get your bank QR code

4) On clicking on bank account option will show you a short QR code.

5) Now transfer the money from your paytm wallet to another 2nd paytm wallet to whom you are going to sent to bank.

6) Now from on the 2nd Paytm Wallet Click on the Pay option .

7) And scan your Bank QR code to pay.

8) Your money will be settled to your bank within 24 hours.

9) You can also see the details of the payment received on the option available on the paytm app.

Hurray ! You have successfully transferred you paytm balance to bank at 0% charge

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