16 June 2017

How to track your lost android phone without tracking apps

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Hello everyone today I am going to share you how you can track the location of your lost phone and also to lock it, I will tell you the total process how can you erase all the data from your phone without even touching it to save all your privacy.

Note that this is the official Google trick to find your phone. But the problem is that most of the peoples don't know about it.

With the help of this you can

Erase all your phone data when someone has stolen your phone.

 Make your phone ring when it is in silent mode and you are unable to find it.( ya sure with the help of this trick you can make your phone ring even if it is in silent mode ).

 You can know how much charge (battery available) is available currently.

 You can also make your screen lock to save your privacy.

Follow the steps below to know how can you do it

Click here for going to google find my phone page to manage your android

You are safe to enter your gmail there as the website is owned by Google itself

2) Now enter your gmail account linked to your lost phone to Login.

 3) Now you will see many options including.

1) Ring 
 2) Locate 
 3) Enable Screen lock Your phone 
 4) Signout of your phone 
 5) Reach out to your carrier for deactivation of sim card 
 6) Erase all your phone data. 

4) Click on those option you want to follow

What will happen when you click on the options

when you will click on the ring option your phone will start ringing even if it is on silent or vibrate mode. It is the most useful trick that will help you to find your phone if it was kept in silence somewhere else and you are working hard to find it.

 It will help to show where your phone is located. If you have turned on your phone location on. So I suggest you to keep your location on whenever you go out so that your tracking can be always easy.

Enable screen lock
 This option can be helpful in creating a screen lock or password to your home screen to avoid anyone from opening the phone to take out your phone data.

SignOut of your phone
If you think that your gmail account has much more important mails and it is more important than your phone then you can easily sign out from your phone using the option

Reach out to carrier operator service This option will help you to provide information like your telecom operator customer care or phone customer care to track or to deactivate the sim card for your safety.

 Erase all your phone data
If you think that your phone data are more important and private and you don't wanna to share anything else to anyone then you can delete your phone data at that moment with just one click.

 You can also find your phone using the above method on FIND MY PHONE APP available on playstore

Click here to Download find my phone app

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