Call forwarding, call forward, forwarding call

Call forwarding or call forward simply means to forward or transfer a call coming from someone to the other phone. Suppose someone is calling you and if you have activated Call forwarding facilities on your phone then your call will be forwarded towards some other number which you have activated in forwarding call.

Follow the below Call forwarding Trick via USSD code

You can use this "Call forward" trick on any mobile phone including a keypad phone or an android or Iphone. This is the universal call forwarding trick. It is working properly on every USSD supportable phone.

1) To activate call forwarding facility from USSD code :-First, Open your dial pad.

2) Now dial the "call forwarding " USSD code

Call forwarding USSD Code is **21*

3) Dial **21* Followed by the 10 digit call forwarding number ( On which the call will be forwarded ) and press # now and click on the call button.

Suppose you want to forward all your call on 9876543210 on this number then you have to dial


and click on the call button.

4) You will now receive a notification that " Call forwarding successful ".

5) Your call is forward successfully and You will not get any call on your number now.

How to disable Call forwarding facility

To disable call forwarding facility you have to dial


after dailing this and calling - Your call forwarding will be erased or disabled.

Benefits of Call forwarding

1) You will not recieve any call from anybody. All your call will be just only forwarded.

2) If you dont want to share somebody's number you can contact him to the unknown just by simply using call forwarding feature.

Losses of Call forwarding

If you have enabled call forwarding feature means all your call will be gone from your number. No doubt it will not show your number there but your balance will be deducted as per the telecom calling rate.

1) Balance will be deducted from both the persons who have called as well as who has forward the call.

2) While No balance will be deducted those who have received the call.

How to activate call forwarding from setting option available on phone

Open ----Call setting ---- Then click on call forward option ---- Now enter the call forwarding number ---- click on ok --- done

These all are the steps of "Call forwarding" You can use the above two steps for call forward and easily enjoy the trick of call forwarding.

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