SMS bomber

Let me elaborate what is a SMS bomber and what can you do with the help of an SMS bomber. Normally SMS bomber is a web script or an app that has a system to enter someone's phone number and a submit button on it. If somebody enter the phone number and click on enter or submit button then the victims phone number gets attacked by dozens of sms at a time those SMS were all from the mobile apps like quicker , just pay , Ola , Mobikwik etc. without letting the owner to show that who had sent it.

Merits of using SMS bomber

1) Its the best way to disturb your victim if he has done something wrong with you.  
2) Your victims gets tensioned and may fear that whether his phone number has been hacked or data has been stolen. 

 3) Best way of taking revenge of your eniemes and victim. 

 4) Fun and enjoyment and make you feel proud that you are able to do like this which can be not understood by common man. 

 5) You can Irritate your victim at any time.

Demerits of using SMS bomber

1) Your victim may get angry and file a complaint against. 

 2) If he find out the you are doing this then he will try to take revenge from you.  
3) He will receive SMS in bulk so if he silent the SMS tone. he will not get irritated of your SMSM bombing. 

 4) The more time you bomb with the SMS the more your victim gets angried. 

 5) If victim does not have idea about technology he may not know and doubt anyone.

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