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Jio coin is going to take part in cryptocurrency so now the question may be ariseing in your mind that when and how will it be launch what will be the price of the coin. What will be the total quantity of the coin that will launch in the crypto market. If you have known or hear about cryptocurrency then you can assume that this coin is going to be viral very soon if launched and can also slightly effect Bitcoin which as known as the mother of cryptocurrency. So buying these coin can definitely make you to make a big profit.

Who is the person behind Jio Coin

This planned has been managed and runned under the management of Akash Ambani (son of Mukesh Ambani) in combination with 15 to 20 members under 25 years of age.

How much quantity of jio coin will be launched

Total 1 billion jio coin will be launched and come to crypto world but , at first only 10 million coin will be launched, and those who get lucky to buy these coin can sell it in a price double than they bought. Coz the price of jio coins will be doubled after 10 million coin sale.

 Then , at second time launch again 10 more million coin will be launched for sale with again raised price

What will be the price of Jio Coin

The price of each jio coin will be HALF DOLLAR (0.5 $ ) in its first launch but as soon the first 10 million coins get sale the price of the jio coin for the second sale will be ONE DOLLAR (1 $ ) that means Double the amount of its launched price.

How much quantity of coin are allowed to buy

One can buy a minimum quantity of 100$ not below than that. three more options will be available which will include 200$ , 500$ , and above with your choice.

Who can buy these JIO coin

Only those persons who register on jio website to buy jio coin only are eligible to buy it on its first launch. The registration to purchase jio coin will begin from 1st FEB , 2018

What will be the launch date for jio coin

The launch date of jio coin will be nearly around 15th FEB ,2018 .

Jio coin will come on which exchanger

Jio is going to launch its own exchange in order to buy it. It will also come on other cryptocurrency exchanger.

Is there any jio coin refer and earn program

Yes , jio is giving 5% coins of the coins purchased from your jio coin referral link. So the chances of earning from these cryptocurrency is very more.

 These is all about jio coin after lot of research. So if you have any questions regarding it you can mention it below.

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