20 February 2018

How to make multiple clones of any app through apk editor pro

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How can you use app cloner for making multiple clones on your phone. Multiple clones include more than one copy of the same app. Infact ,you can make 100s of clone of single app with different Android ids

Follow the steps below to know how to clone it.

1) Click here and download App cloner pro.

2) Install Open and select the app you wanna to clone.

3) Select the 3-dotted button on the right side of the clone number.

4) Tick Mark on batch cloning and also tick on change colour icon , append and clone batch if you want to do it.

5) Now write the total number of app you want to clone. suppose you wanna to clone 10 apps write 10 on the another side as shown in the image.

6) Now click again on the 3 dotted button and tick on increase incompatibility.

7) Now scroll down and go to the Privacy options

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8) Enable incognito,change Android id , Hide IMEI and MAC address.

9) Go back and click on Big tick mark button.

10) all the app will be cloned and after finishing the total process install all the apps.

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