Keylogger security - must read this if you are an internet banking user

Beaware of keylogger. This is the most dangerous thing that can transfer all your typed information via your keyboard either from your android or also from your desktop or laptop keyboard. If you are accessing your banking websites from your default keyboard on your phone or computer and bychance you are attacked hiddenly from a keylogger then all the money on your bank will collapse and hacked by someone. So you must beaware from the beginning so that you can maintain proper privacy on your password

There are especially 2 types of keylogger that can track and save your typed data and save it to there server and on their storage.

Hardware and software type keylogger

1. Hardware type keylogger - this type of key logger can be like pendrive or USBs and also be a hardware part that are fixed inside or outside the system from the beginning.

This hardware type keylogger can save your typed data on their storage and can send it to their servers when the system ( laptop , computer and phones ) come in contact with an internet connection.

2. Software based keylogger -

This type of keylogger can either be installed on your phone and run as a javascript on your browser. This is the most dangerous type of keylogger that can harm your data by someone you dont know. If you served any website full of javasrcipt and unusual adds it can either download an app automatically and install it on your system.

software based keylogger runs only on data connection and in background , Already installed on apps especially moded apps. This type of keylogger are usually dangerous and it can send all your typed data to their servers.

Solution - for protection against keylogger

You must follow the following steps for protection against keyloggers

1. If you are using internet banking then must use virtual keyboard available in the webpage of banking website to type your login id and password. So that if keylogger is installed on system it cannot track what you have typed.

2. Dont use thirdparty apps or free moded app on your banking devices. 

3. Keep a different phone to access all your online banking services and transactions.

4. Dont use thirdparty keyboards based on their attractive look and design on your online banking accesed devices.

5. For protection against hardware type keylogger you must check all the system's usb points,Is there any keylogger connected or not if you are going to access any of your private websites. Beacuse hardware type keylogger looks exactly same like USBs.

6. Change passwords of banking and social surfing websites at regular intervals.

7. Always use phones or laptops from trusted brand or trusted company to access your websites.

8. Dont install moded games and other apk from thirdparty websites.

9. Always use playstore to install all the apps. Either it may be a pro or free.

10. Find out more information against privacy protection on internet.

11. Must check the permission allowed by any apps before installing it.If the app is asking for those permission to allow which is not necessary for it dont disable it on app settings or kindly uninstall it.

( for example - if a game app is asking to access your phone calls and contact uselessly then dont install it. If can track your phone calls )

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