Online job fraudsters - beware of sms sending , email reading and Add posting jobs

If you are thinking of doing sms sending jobs or email reading jobs at home then you are at right place. Nodoubt everyone wants to earn money from their home and for the same reason they start searching on google about work from home jobs or make money sitting at home or how to earn money online. Even sometimes people pay and loat their money via phone calls beacuse of the froudsters calling them and saying that they have won lakhs of money and they have to pay a small registration fees in rupees in order to redeem them after paying the money they dont respond to the phone call you or either switch off their phone.


You may find lots of sms sending jobs on classified , newspaper adds as well as in various website where people are offering sms sending job for different telecom and product based company they tell you to send 100 SMS per day and you will be paid rs 5 to 10 per sms you send daily and on daily basis you can send 100 SMS per day.

This type of people are fraud and they take your money and eats up and no job is given finally your money gets wasted

Email reading or sending jobs fraud

 Thisis similar to the job of sms sending but the fraudsters here are more advanced as compare to that of sms sending. They are present to cheat those ones who have a little idea about internet and usually have a breif knowldege of sending and opening email accounts.

They call or mail you also they have a brand website with brand email. The website almost seems to be totally legitimate but when you go on to work for it. it is found to be a fake one.

The method here is also simple just like that of sms sending job you have to pay a little registration fees and then your work are begin to start and when the word came for your payment you are NOT given a single penny and the money goes up finally including lots of waste of time in reading and forwarding emails.

ADDS POSTING JOBS - somehow can be trusted

This types of jobs are mostly runned by offline MLM MARKETING COMPANY and also by Online mlm websites they offer yiu to post job so that you can cantact and make him intrested to join the company and when he joined company takes his total joing bonus and gives you a little commission. the more people you bring in the more commission you can generate. But not all company are the genuine ones it is very difficult to find a genuine add posting company. So join only if you find it trusted. Find out from how many years the company is running and paying regularly or not. These are the most hit and hot listed 3 types of fraudness going online. Especially new tiers coming to the internet for earning are usually fooled and get in this trap of the three above fraudsters. So beaware to save yourself.

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