Xerve - the fake website ?? Do not buy anything from here ??

You might have aware of the website of xerve who was offering 100% cashback on buying any product when it was just launched. But now after conforming from most of the people i got to find that i was a fake offer. It is just a way of earning money from affilate marketing they follow the clever way to provide cashbacks and dont pay totally.

XERVE is a fake website ?

 Till now no cashback received on bank of that you of that 100% cashback one year already gone from the date of ordering. Now there are many fake website which offer you to shop with their links and in order to earn money in bulk everyday from affilate marketing bussiness. So you dont try to login on their website beacause they track your personal data and send messages on your phone to click and shop products from amazon and flipkart from their links in hope the user click to earn cashback after shopping but no cashback get credited. But as you have clicked on their link and already shopped so they earn commission for the product you shopped.

Xeve is totally fake ??

Is xerve is among such fake website ?? who was earlier messaging with the SMS title of AM-XRVE but now it sending SMS to peoples on the name of. HP-FLIPDL which indiacate the copy of the deal. Xerve doesnot pay anycashback.

Xerve is the slowest but the best website to shop and earn cashback are below

I  recommed to follow websites likes cashkaro , Amulyam , zippt , Laapto websites that are running in india from long time and paying cashback to you which can be redemmed at any time instantly.

But if we look at Xerve - the fake website ?? we can find that its redeemtion method is different from all other website that give you cashback for shopping .At first the cashback will be credited instantly which whitewash peoples brain that the cashback are crediting instantly so lets shop more and more. But when the minimum redemption amount gets reached on your wallet they say a warning to make redemption request after 6 months of the cashback received. after that the processed and redemtion does not end now. They again message you to transfer your xerve cashback to bank. If you thought now that xerve is paying then you are incorrect you have only just clicked for redeemtion. Money to your bank is not going to settled within one month. But according to xerve it will be settled within 52 weeks means one year of the redeemtion request. WHAT THE HELL XERVE IS DOING ? Xerve is just fooling peoples in the greed of cashback and not paying at all or not.

Xerve is tracking your facebook data and flipkart and amazon searched data

Xerve is tracking your facebook data and datas of your amazon , flipkart to know which type of products you are intrested to buy and sending messages to your phone with a copy of Flipkart, amazon deal like SMS title which make you beleive that its a SMS from flipkart and amazon and making you ready to buy products from their links. Earning lots of money via affilate marking.

If this post is seen by any xerve website member they 

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