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The new year welcomes you with a new and highly paid url shortner website where you can make money for sharing your shorten url. This site is so far tested. And people with brilliant ideas are making money of it easily up to lakhs till now. You can be one of them if you stay focused and work without skipping it. Nodoubt you have to do hard work in the beginning but once your income gets started you can make money easily from it.


Dont try to make fake clicks otherwise all your work will be of no use.

Try to make genuine clicks on your url.

The website is similar to other url shortner websites and still in paying mode.

Follow the steps below in order to make money.

1. Click here and register yourself on the website.

2. Complete sign-up process

3. Complete your profile section and set up ur payment withdrawal method of receiving your payment.

4. Withdrawal supported are Paytm , PayPal , TEZ and many more which are widely supported in India.

5. Copy and paste any url and start sharing.

6. Earn money as per your clicks and you can see your earnings on your dashboard.

7. You can redeem your earnings when you will have 5$ on your account.

8. Every payment will be withdrawal on Saturday of every week.


1. Search online for WhatsApp groups and join it faster. So that, you can gain audience who will click it.

2. Post links related to WhatsApp or telegram group topic so that people can click on it.

3. Shorten attractive links and share it to attract your audience.

4. You can post links of newly released movies or songs.

5. Share PDF files links of books.

6. Share links by creating broadcast.

7. Comments on popular website and post links there.

8. Comments on playstore most downloaded app.

9. Spent at least 30 minutes daily for sharing links.

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