How to use tiktok after getting banned in India

How to use tik tik after getting ban in India ? this may be the most common questions of tik tok lovers. Nodoubt maximum number of tiktok user might use the apk but the craz for tiktok now as compared to before will be definitely go down. Whatever the question may be but today I am gonna share you the solution of how to use tiktok after getting bann in India. How to use tiktok after getting ban in india

Follow the steps below to use tiktok again in india

1. First of all download uc browser vpn to your android device. ( you can search for it in Google for the apk file ).

2. Now search for the apk file of tiktok on Google you can easily get on apkmirror or pureapk.

3. Note that just follow the steps bit by bit otherwise your tiktok account will be blocked.

4. As we are going to open it from other country network so if bimistakely you were caught there are changes of your account getting ban.

5. First open your vpn and connect it to any other country in ucbrowser VPN app then after open tiktok . 5.Dont forget to turnoff your VPN only after closing tiktok app

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