Top free affiliate marketing tricks to boost your sale in 7 days

Affiliate marketing is one of the best and toughest way to make money. If you are an expert then definitely you are going on to rock on online earning era and make your skill to boost your earning more speedily. There are several ways to make money from affiliate but somehow we do focus only on e-commerce products selling like Amazon , flipkart , ajio , Paytm etc. We need a website to start affiliate marketing and I also recommend you to create a website but don't worry if you don't have don't have a website you can also start earning from affiliate marketing.

Today I am here gonna post you some tricks with the help of which you can raise or increase your affiliate if you follow these all free methods.

1. Using twitter search engine as target affilate audience finder

You may not have known about it but this is one of the best way to find targeted audience for your selected affiliate products. You can use Twitter search option and find the target audience for who are interested to buy product. With most specific audiences with location and interest.
You need to search on Twitter like " need laptops " or " need cell phones under 15000 " etc. and then you will find those people who have posted those topics on Twitter and they wanna buy those products. Just go and paste your affiliate link on those audiences. If you wanna really make money then post atleast 100 links per day by targeting people in Twitter search. I am 100% sure that if you gonna paste 100 affiliate links daily then within 2 weeks you can get your first affiliate sale and also new ideas for promotion of your affiliate products.
Note that - the most targeted audience in open source can be easily extracted from twitter searches.

2. Using whatsApp groups for finding new affilators and promoting your product to them

This method is luck by chance sale. You need to join online WhatsApp group as more as you can. Note that don't join groups other than your country. For example if your targeting audience of India to sell the products then don't join WhatsApp group having USA or German countries to promote your products that will be of new use. But do if you wanna make new friends.
This technique is quite common and you need to post daily 500 affiliate links to see the results. Most of the people who don't have websites use this technique to share affiliate products.
but , whatsapp group is the best place to collect audience in a trap. You can save all the name of the group members who are regularly active on the group. This will take around 1 month if you have joined 100 WhatsApp group to save all the regular active onliners on whatsapp. you can save their contacts sequencially like sub-1 , sub-2 , sub-3 , sub-4 etc. after completing your contact saving task now create broadcasts with 256 members each. if you have more than 100 whatsapp group then definitely you can find more than 2000 contacts who are regular in the group. Now as we know that they are also an affilaters like you so if you share them with products info of Amazon and flipkart there will be if no use as they already are afflators and they can customize your share affiliate link with their one and then they will share their own made links again.
So, in this case you need to share those products like that they need just like online earning tricks website post. You can promote your website better with all your targeted WhatsApp collected audiences. You can also share refer and earn apps to make some earnings.

3. Using telegram channel to convert YouTube subscribers to telegram subscribers to promote affilate products

Especially this is the best method and most easiest method to promote affiliate links. but , it is quite difficult to collect targeted subscribers on telegram. Don't promote your channel to gain unusual telegram subscribers.
Peoples who mostly have YouTube channel are using this method to convert their YouTube subscribers to telegram subscribers and using them to earn affilate commission.

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