How to get RS 251 on every google pay account ( collecting 5 stamps )

Every time google pay comes with some offers like sending money , mobile recharge and from the last 2 years it has been the easiest and best app for carrying out UPI transaction. But first time now google has come with a new offer where you can get RS 251 for free on your bank account without sending or receiving money. This offer provided by google pay is for the upcoming festival of lights " DIWALI ".

just follow carefully the steps below one by one to know how to use this offer.

1. Download google pay app and sign-up if you don't have or update the app on playstore if you are an old user. ( this offer is only showing on newly updated google pay app ).

2. Scroll down below on Google pay home you will find a glowing Dia picture with diwali written on it.

3. This is a simple game where you need to collect 5 stamps ( Diya , jhumka , lalten , Rangoli , flower ) Click on the diya picture , inside you will find collect your stamps like - Dia , jhumka , Rangoli , lantern etc.

4. Google pay will give you RS 251 only if you collect all those stamps. Now the question arises how you can collect all that Dia , jhumka , Rangoli etc.

5. Scroll down further on the same screen you will find an option of diwali scanner.

6. Diwali scanner has been designed by the developer in such a way that if you scan the decorative materials like Diya , jhumka , flower which are used in diwali it will auto identify and give you one of them.

Ex- suppose you want to get deeya , then DONOT scan it now infront of any QR code but glow a deeya and scan the dia, the diwali scanner will identify it and give you one of the 5 diwali stamp. It is not guaranteed that scanning a Diya from diwali scanner will only give you Diya stamp, it may give you Rangoli , jhumka etc.

7. Similarly scan all the diwali decoratives materials like Rangoli , jhumka etc to collect your stamps.

8. As soon as you get all the 5 stamps you will get RS 251 on your account.

9. If you are lucky then you can earn upto RS 1 lakh on Google pay.

10. On the option below there is an option in google pay to send or collect stamps from your friend.

11. If you have a Diya stamp and you can send your stamp to your friend from your link. After doing this diya stamp will go away and you need to collect once more if you have not completed all 5 stamps.

12. Similarly you can request stamp from your friend by sending stamp request link to them. Doing this will deduct a stamp from your friend and added to your google pay account.

13. I recommend to gift only if you have collected all the stanps.

How to get deeya and all other stamps instantly:-

1. You need two phones for it. Take another phone and search deeya images in google and open Google pay diwali scanner and scan the deeya images it will recognise the diya and give you deeya stamp.

2. Do the same for collecting all the five stamps.

3. From my experience of view you can easily get your deeya stamp for scanning google images.

So go on and collect RS 251 by google by simply playing this diwali game.

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