30 March 2020

Top 15 best keyboard app for android - Trickspagal.com

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The function of the keyboard plays a significant role in defining the compatibility of using your smartphone. Usually, those people who are fond of chatting with peoples from social media prefer to try some new keyboard apps. Have you got a bore of using your default keyboard on your android? Don't worry; today, I have brought a list of the best keyboard app for android that will make you surprised by their fabulous looks and features. This post is going to be more useful for you if you are searching for some best keyboard app on android.
It is one the best keyboard app for android that offers a variety of features like auto-correction, installing emojis, and gifs. It also has the option of adding a keyboard extension with the help if which you can install grammar checker extension on it to correct all the grammatical errors while typing. It also provides a variety of themes and designs to enhance the look of using the keyboard. If you are doing some professional chat with any person or sending an email, then you can enable the grammar checker option on it to enjoy error-free and quality conversations with people.
The main feature that makes Fleksy as the best keyboard app for android is because of its response to typing. It is the fastest keyboard typing app in the play store. Instead, it also has the option of correcting and providing synonyms of the word you just type. It shows a suggestion of words that make the sentences more unique. If you love typing very fast, then Flesky can be the best option for you.
If you are searching for a colorful keyboard app, then Chroma can be the best option for you. The app is quite famous for providing colors with bright keyboards. It has a lot of options for giving shades to your keyboard, and this feature makes it the best keyboard app for android if you want to make your android look more colorful. Chroma Keyboard also offers additional features if emojis, autocorrection, words suggestion, etc.
Swift key offers many features like account syncing, predicting words. It also has an additional voice typing feature that enables you to type with your voice, but it works when you turn on your mobile data. Swift keyboard has more than 500 million downloads on the play store. It is a trusted app owned by Microsoft. It comes with various updates from Microsoft from time to time, which makes it the best keyboard app for android.
Google itself provides Gboard on almost all android devices as it is the property of Google. It is the safest keyboard app in the play store. If you are looking for some simple look and easy compatible typing app without a lot of designs and features, then Gboard can be the best option for you. As Google owns this app, so it's quite challenging to hack your phone using any keylogger security. This feature makes Gboard the best keyboard app for android.
The app is well known for its contextual prediction feature. If you are thinking of making beautiful sentences while writing an article, then Touch Pal can be the best keyboard app for android. It predicts words as well as penalties on the top of the keyboard that makes your essay writing better. Even you don't have to change the predicted terms by typing manually, but you just have to touch on the suggestion showing above to apply it to your original written text.
You can be compatible with this keyboard app if you love changing backgrounds in every short interval of times on your phone. Flash Keyboard has an option to change the look of your keyboard by setting the context of your choice; it allows you to fix any of the pics you love on its history. It may give you the feeling of seeing somebody also when you are typing on your android phone. It is also the best keyboard app for android and has a lot of customization features of your choice to give you a good typing experience.
Most of the people use Grammarly I'm for content writing. If you are a content writer and love writing quality content for your blog from your phone, then Grammarly can be the best keyboard app for android. It works only with a data connection. You need to turn on the mobile data while typing to get guidance while typing and improving your writing skills. If you are accessing a Grammarly premium account, then you can use the same user id and password to login inside the app and access the keyboard on your android phone. It is a premium app, so you need to pay for it, but the app also provides you with a free trial for some days to have experience in writing with Grammarly.
The size of this keyboard is around 10 MB. Open board claims that it's a trusted app and doesn't spy on you. It doesn't allow all the permission on your android on its own. It depends upon your choice if you want the app to give access to authorization or not. The updated feature of this app comes with the options of autocorrection, themes, and emojis. It also claims that it is not dependent on any Google binaries software to run its function.
The advance feature of the Muktiking Keyboard makes it the best keyboard app for android. If you are searching for a keyboard that supports typing of your local language, then there's a higher chance that you can find your tongue inside the MultiLing keyboard. It helps more than 200 words. You can choose any of them of your choice and try typing in different styles. The best part of using this keyboard is that you can type those languages as well whom you can't read or write. It's the best app if you love chatting with people in different styles.
It also comes with a limited multilanguage feature. The app is lightweight and easy to use. It doesn't have any sticky interface, and for this feature, people love to use the Minuum keyboard. It offers additional features like SLOPPY TYPING, SMART EMOJI, SHAPESHIFTING, Save screen space, one-handed typing, etc. Minimum provides a 30 days free trial of using it, and then it's your choice if you want to take it's premium membership or not.
The features that make Swipe keyboard as the best keyboard app for android are smart reply feature, Theme center, Special effect, DY themes, etc. The quick reply feature of the app gives you a suggestion of messages that you received on your phone. The same feature is also available in the Facebook messenger app. You can provide special effects to your keyboard by choosing more than 200 free themes available inside the app. The app also gives you the option to download and install new ideas on your phone.
If you want to access a computer typing experience on your android phone, then you can do it with the help of the Hackers keyboard. It enables you to access all the alphabets and numbers separately the same as that of a computer keyboard. It also gives you access to additional keys like F1, F2, etc. You can find all these keys, including in a 5-row interface inside your android. It can be the best keyboard app on android if you want to access a touch of desktop typing inside your phone.
It is a revolutionary keyboard that contains a massive collection of emojis and stickers. It has more than 400 million users worldwide. If you love sending more emojis while chatting, then ai.type keyboard can be the best option for you. It also has thousands of default keyboard themes that make it the best keyboard app for android. It also allows you of self theme customization to create your theme with your photographs.
It's a unique type of keyboard, All the above keyboard has QWERTY mode of typing, but this keyboard is something different. It doesn't have QWERTY mode. It gives you only nine keys on your screen in the form of checkbox Yess. If you are working with some stuff that needs to increase typing speed, then you can make use of it to increase the typing speed. The highest speed, yet recorded, are 82 words per minute. You should make a try by downloading this keyboard and check if it is beneficial in increasing the typing speed or not.
Final Words
The comfortability of using an android keyboard gave you the best typing experience. If you are bored of using the same keyboard fa or a long time, then you can choose a different d and make a try on your phone. I have listed all the categories of the keyboard app available in the play store. You can try them looking on the ratings and downloads on the play store and decide by yourself which one is the best keyboard app for android.
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