21 March 2020

Talking Angela app - Details, Review, Features, Download

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talking Angela app
Talking Angela is an app on play store that mimic your voice, just like Talking Tom. If you are fond of communicating with a lady doll, then I must prefer you to download this app. The app offers you a variety of options to makeup, beautify, and many more things to do with the little female version of Angela cat. It is the best app for children and refreshing your mood when you are sad. By using the Talking Angela app, you can make yourself feel more joyful.
Talking Angela app

Angela is like a virtual pet who will entertain you by mimicking your voice. She is like a cute techno toy which offers the following types of features:-
  • Talking Angela app allows the players to bathe and decorate her. Uses also given the option to feed her delicious food. She will also provide a reaction to all the activities you do to her, just like a real baby doll.
  • Talking Angela app also offers a variety of games like test skills and puzzle-solving games. Angela will help to how to play with her and answer her problems ki.
  • The app also allows users to collect the stylish stickers available inside the app and use it for decorating Angela doll.
  • Talking Angela app also has several outfits and dresses that you can use on angela for making her more beautiful and stylish. She will speak to you in the same voice even if you change her clothes. You can also put makeup on the doll to make it look more pretty.
  • Talking Angela app also offers cool dance moves that will make you feel more joyful. She, too, does various ballet and disco dances to entertain your child. It was just like looking at a doll making magic moves.
Talking Angela app premium

The app also features some of the premium options to decorate the doll and buy premium outfits. If you take a premium feature, then you won't get any ads while surfing the app. It will be a bee. Some of the premium features that you can find inside talking Angela app are the following:-
  • Get a chance to win outfits that you are trying on the doll. You can prefer the outfit7 website for more details.
  • You can also make changes to the personalization of the interface and play the app as long as you want. 
  • You can choose any other animated character instead of angela and enjoy with another aspect that is sweeter and prettier than angela. It also offers various animal and robot characters for entertainment.
  • You also get virtual currency for using the app. You can redeem those points to buy outfits and makeup equipment for your beautiful angela. If you want instant coins for purchasing the gear, you can buy them by paying real money from any of the payment options available inside the talking Angela app.
Talking Angela app free features

The app is free to use. There is no restriction on using it for any time. Some of the free features are the following:-
  • You can freely use the stickers to decorate angela. The app gives you some free labels for trying it on angela.
  • You can change the pitch of voices to listen to different sounds from angela.
  • It also offers some free characters that you can replace with Angela if you get bored.
Talking Angela app download

Talking Angela's app is available for download from the play store. Go to play store and app store and search for my talking angela app on the search bar to download the app. similarly, you can also download talking angela app from windows and iOs stores. The app is so funny and will make your mood. Users also prefer to download their mod apk for getting all the features for free. But that depends upon your choice and your data.
Experience of talking with angela
Most of the users have passed helpful comments after using the talking Angela app. Their experience of talking with Angela is fantastic. Some users call it a mood refreshment app while some others called it that it diverts the mind of the children. Talking Angela is the second famous doll cartoon character after a Barbie doll. Earlier the app was quite simple as it offers only the feature of mimicking voice in one tone. Now talking Angela app has more advance features. You can change the pitch and set the tone as per your choice your Angela doll will make her voice as per the character you choose inside the app. All of these updated features had made the Angella app as the cutest talking doll app on the play store. 
Talking angela eyes - Who is behind it?
The voice coming from the Talking Angela app doesn't come from any real human voice. The voice belongs to the fictional character Angela. The sound credit of angela inside the talking Angela app goes to Disney. They gave it a beautiful view. It was quite tricky to choose music that most people like. For this reason, people listening to the voice of the angel don't get irritated and angry.
Talking angela hack - is it possible?

No, we can't hack the voice of angela. It is program modified similarly like any of google or Siri. But it is not like artificial intelligence that thinks before giving you a reply. It mimics the voice. Talking Angela app has a lot of features that make it the unique play story. More than 11 million people have already used the angela app and given the best reviews on the play store. Exceptionally, hacking talking angela app is possible only if you are an experienced AI programmer and have good knowledge about encoding the decoding machinery voices. As a whole team has given the effort to find out such sweet voice so, hacking Talking angela app will be useless for you.
Talking angela hacker
Some of the recent reports say that Talking angela app uses hypnotism tricks. The voice of angela is hacking the mind of children. Some of the complaints also have come regarding children's addiction to talking to angela day and night. But let me confirm that, there is no such type of techniques used like hacking mind or hypnotism. The talking angel app is safe to use and made for entertainment and refreshment. There is no question regarding misuse. If children are using the app for a long time, then try to control the children because the app can't be a guardian to say no to the children. It only features copying and sweetly delivering your voice.  
Is talking angela hacked
No, it is just a rumor about talking Angela app. No hacking is necessary inside the app. But some problems may arise if you try to use mode apk. Mod apk is mostly a full profile of malware, but people use it to get most of the unlocked features for free. So, using mode apk allow you permission for accessing media and audio files. So, I recommend you download the app from the play store for the safe use of the app.
Talking to angela game

Talking to angela is the same as using the talking tom app. You speak something, and she will mimic your voice to speak the same word back. Its simple to use. You need to open the angela start chatting, Angela doll with putting her ear on while you talk and repeat her voice in your language.
Final words
There are a lot of apps on play store that offers the same entertaining feature like talking Angela app. but, it is one of the most liked and downloaded app on play store after talking tom. It is the best app for diverting the mind of any kind. For this reason, it has got positive reviews in the play store. 

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