28 May 2020

Mitron Indian Funny video app - Full details, How to use, download, Report | Trickspagal.com

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Mitron Indian Funny video app is a short video creating app for entertainment. After going through the controversies of YouTube vs. Tik-Tok. The country had spread a lot of negativity against the Chinese app. Looking into the advantage, India had launched a similar app named Mitron. The chosen name is a regular intro dialogue of Indian Prime Minister Modi saying "Mere Pyaare Mitron" in his every speech. It had been only a few hours of its release,  but, it had grabbed millions of downloads. Within one week, the app is going to take some space on the phone of millions of users. 

Introduction:- Mitron app

Mitron Indian app is the free short video platform for users and creators. It gives full opportunity to a user to share any of their talents. The app is also strict against the videos that are creating a negative impact on society—the Mitro app has many features for creating and uploading videos from. Daily new trending and talented people's video shows on the discovery page. It is free to use and doesn't have any annual charge for using it.

The interface of Mitron Indian Funny video app:-

It looks exactly like the TikTok app. All the options and features of buttons, screenplay, uploading part, stats, likes, followers show around 90% of matching. The user only needs to crate an account to start accessing all the features available in the app. The Indian audience tries their best to ban Tiktok by lowering down the rating from the play store, but all those reviews don't affect the app in any way. The app shares around 90% similarity, and there is no doubt it will be a more acceptable app in India.

Some additional feature of the Mitron Indian Funny video app:-
 You can find the following features inside Mitron Indian Funny video app:-

1. App for short video creators:-

Mitron is just the pronunciation of Mitro word, and in this app, users can use and enjoy some best Mitron status, Mitron Shayari, and Mitron videos. Users can also share non-face edited videos if they are not comfortable in showing their faces on social media. Users and again creators are using this app to describe the talent and creativity by using of Mitro social platform.

2. Mitron app for entertainment

In Mitron app, people can come and the entertainment the country. Users can also share the short video on all social media apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, and all other social sites and apps. It is good
Platform for showing acting skills.

3. Express your feelings from Mitron :-

Mitron is the most superior app for content creators and also for entertaining purposes. The user also make, share and like videos in this matron app. this is a friendly app of Indian short videos. Mitron app empowers you to express yourself by creating video content with easy to use tools and music effects and filter effects. This app is an Indian social short video platform. Users can share like comment and follow peoples by the one click.

How to download Mitron Indian Funny video app:-

  • First, go to the play store and search for the Mitron app on the search bar.
  • Or, Click here to download the app from playstore
  • You will get a lot of similar apps with the same options. Navigate to the original version by looking name of the app.
  • The full name of the app is the "Mitron Indian Funny video app." The app has a rating of 4.9, so it will be easy to find the app.
How to register on Mitron app:-

If you download the app from the play store, it will automatically get installed on your phone.

  • Open the Mitron app. You will find two options for login and signup. Click on registration to create a new account.
  • A register form in the app will appear where you need to fill your name, username, mobile number, etc.
  • Choose a unique username, As the app is new so there is maximum chance to get the desired username of your choice.
  • After filling the form, click on the submit button.
  • An OTP will be received on your phone for mobile verification, and you will also receive an email for confirmation of your email.
  • Complete both of the steps, that all your registration process is now complete.
How to use Mitron Indian Funny video app:-

Upload your short video from your phone:- 

The app has a plus icon on the down middle button. Click on it to add any video to the app. It also gives you options to make some changes before you publish your video.
Create video directly from the app:- It also has the option to record videos live from the phone. Note that after registering, you can edit the videos live from the app to add a filter and enhance the quality of your video.

Gain Followers to be famous:-

 Its follower list can know the popularity of a user. Every user has a unique URL and username to get identity inside the app. The more followers the user has, the more popularity it can gain inside the app.

Like and share videos:- 

Users can like on the video they love by clicking on the heart button. It is the same as doing, like on an Instagram picture. It has the share button below the like button where users can share the video link to any social media platform.

Report inappropriate on negative videos:-

For any video creating a negative impact in the society or having inappropriate content need to be reported. Users can record the video easily by clicking on the report video option available on the Mitron app.

Delete video from Mitron app:-

The options of deleting any video are available only for the content creator and the developer. All have the privacy and control of their uploaded videos.

Final words:-

The word "Aatma Nirbhar" has a separate fan base in India, and the committee of the Mitron have shown an outstanding achievement for India in building a robust social network. Talents are enormous in the country; even people are using it for another country. Launching the Mitron app in India is one right decision for protecting the data and privacy of Indian people.
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