29 June 2020

How to use mobile data in Aeroplane mode | Trickspagal.com

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It's been a long time; I had not posted anything in my blog. Today, I get enough time to share an impressive trick with you. From the headlines, you may be cleared, what I am talking about ?. Some people shocked when I told them about using mobile data in aeroplane mode. Yes, I am not talking about accessing internet connection via wifi or any third-party VPN source. After reading the post, I am damn sure that you will be able to use your mobile data even in an aeroplane mode. You only need to do a few settings, and your phone will be ready to access internet connection after switching to aeroplane mode:-

Follow the below steps to know about using mobile data in aeroplane mode:-

1. Turn on the Aeroplane mode on your phone. You can do it by sliding your finger from the top of your screen bar.

2. Now, go your dial pad and type *#*#4636#*#*
Or you can click here to dial the same number on your keypad.

3. You will now see a new screen which will display you a unique setting. You will get a testing mode on your screen. This screen may be new if you are doing it for the first time.

4. Now click on the Phone information option displayed on the top of the screen.

5. On the next screen, you will find an information page from where you can get all details like IMEI number, Device id etc. Don't click anywhere and scroll down the screen to see a MOBILE RADIO button.

6. By default, this option is usually turned off on your phone. But, you have to turn it on and wait for some time. Click it only for one time because it takes a few second to turn on.

7. After some time, you will see the data exchange limit. It signifies that you are now connected to your mobile data.

9. Now, go to chrome or any other browser and start accessing the internet. Hurray, you will find it works.

10. Note, it is a one-time setting, and your phone will get access to internet connection every time you switch to an aeroplane mode.

How to stop the setting of using mobile data in aeroplane mode:-

It is very simple to restore your phone to the default setting. Just follow the steps below:-

1. Redial the same number ( *#*#4636#*#* ) and go to the same screen you have opened before.

2. Navigate to the mobile radio option and turn it off.

3. That's all, you have stopped your mobile to access data connection in aeroplane mode.

4. You have to turn on the MOBILE RADIO option whenever you want to access mobile data in aeroplane mode. The same setting will set saved until you turn it off after using your mobile data.

Benefits of using mobile data in Aeroplane mode:-

You will the following benefits of using mobile data in aeroplane mode:-

1. You can access the internet even in aeroplane mode. So, apply this trick to access to mobile data in your flight travels.

2. It will help, if you don't want to take calls from someone.

3. It will also help to gain attention by surprising your friends.

4. You can also use this method to play games on your phone without getting disturbed from Call or SMS.

Final words:-

Technology is full of new and surprising stuff. You need to explore a lot to know about all this stuff. I will always be there to share with you some new tricks whenever I get some free time to write the blog. Thanks for reading the post. Kindly, comment in the below section if you face any problem in using the trick.
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