27 November 2020

How to lock Pen Drive without software:

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Pen Drive is used more to transfer Data because its size is considerably smaller .As a result, it becomes quite easy to carry Because of its small size.To keep your data secure pen drive must be locked with a password .Let us know how to lock pen drives without any software:

Follow steps below:-

1-Connect Pen drive to the computer . Then , click on My Computer , right-click on pen drive.  Now turn on the option to select BitLocker.

2-Following this, another window will open and will close itself .

3-Then another window will open from which you will have to choose this ‘Use a password to unlock the drive.

4- Now you ‘ll have to type your password twice in the empty box .

5-A new window will open in front of you , which will ask to save bitLocker recovery key .Take note of it , it might come in handy when you forget the password .So Please choose one option.

6- Now choose option, Here we have chosen the second option . After which the computer will ask the location where we can save it . Choose the location of your choice.

7-Having save you will see option something like this .now click Next.

8-Another window will come, again click on Next .

9-In the new window , click on start encrypting.

10-Encryption will begin now and you will see this box.

11-It will take a few minutes to complete. After which you have to make it close.

12-Now After disconnecting, connect your pen drive again. Now when you double click on a pen drive will seek to unlock the password . You can access it by entering the password.

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