09 January 2021

AI vs. Bigdata: Similarity, Differences & applications

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Modern technologies have brought new types of terminology in the field of science. Most people are aware of the idea of AI as it has been a part of their gadgets. But, in-depth understanding and knowledge of AI are only known to technology professionals. A significant confusion arises when people start comparing AI with Bigdata. Both these buzzwords seem to link with each other and create confusion among people. But, separating the interconnections will give a clear idea regarding the theories. In this post, we will reveal the understandings of the broad concepts related to AI & Bigdata. It will let you clear the vision for both these terms.

What is Bigdata?

It is a raw form of data in a large volume comprising of both structured and unstructured information. Bigdata companies store this information. It is their role to reorganize the data in a suitable format and sell it to business companies. This bulk data help the company to know about the interest of people of a particular region. Looking into this consideration, they make future decisions about launching or removing a product. It plays a significant role in predicting future sales and competing among similar companies. This vast data of the people helps increase revenue and benefits them to build trust among people.

List of some Bigdata companies:

All the top-level tech companies take the data of their users to avail their services. It is collected either by granting accessibility from devices or signup data forms. They stored the data in large database files in the cloud server and secured it under their record. Some of the top Bigdata companies are the following:

  • Cloudera

  • Spunk

  • Alteryx

  • Trial

  • Teradata

  • Google

  • Microsoft

  • Databricks

What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI or Artificial Intelligence is the modern innovation of providing intelligence to the software. It is achieved by machine learning and neural network. Unlike, humans were taught from childhood to know a language and understand the world. In the same way, machines are guided by recognizing human voices, images and responding as per the input response. It has been all possible with the creation of machine learning software. This software is associated with providing skills like planning, reasoning, representing, and manipulating input data. Overall, it builds artificial intelligence in the system. Some of the most commonly used artificial intelligence is Siri on Apple, Alexa of Amazon, and google assistant. Modern artificial intelligence includes self-driving cars, 3D modeling programs of the satellite.

Applications of AI:

The role of AI is not only limited to mobile phones and making cars. It has the following applications in our day to day life:

  • AI in e-commerce: advanced AI plays the role of ad suggestion, auto ad display related to the interest to draw the customer's attention to boost sales. 

  • Business improvements: New tools and channels are out in companies to solve queries and provide technical help to the employees.

  • Cybersecurity: Companies take the help of AI software to secure their data files and resources. AI software also play great role in maintaining financial security.

  • Healthcare: in biotechnological branches, new apps and devices hold AI to assure patients' safety anefficacy.

Similarity: AI vs. Bigdata

No doubt, AI & Bigdata are two different terms, but they are interrelated with each other. More data input while experiments of software give more accurate results. For example, in an image recognition app, every image provides a different binary signal inside the AI's neural network. These signals are responsible for predicting the output. Big data companies make use of their collected data resources to train machines and establishing their neural configuration. The continuous workflow of machine learning is increasing day by day to upgrade the working of artificial intelligence.

Differences: Bigdata vs. AI

The primary difference between AI & Bigdata is the unit of operation. Bigdata comes in raw format and needs to be well organized or structured before coming into use. But, Artificial Intelligence is the processed output data. It displays the result by carrying out operations based upon the input. It works in the same way humans do to carry out experiments. These functions are not possible in traditional devices as every work needs human beings' physical presence to make something possible. It is the reason why it becomes an initial ingredient of creating an AI successfully. The AI operations will be more accurate if more data are put into machine learning. Every data gives a different binary response to the AI system, which helps it decide which output to give. So, Bigdata plays a significant role in making an AI successful. It can change its behavior frequently only after recognizing different types of data.

Role of Bigdata in Artificial intelligence:

Bigdata have the following application in making an AI successful:-

  • Machine learning: bigdata is the initial parameter of machine learning that helps the AI to detect objects, values, images in binary forms. In the whole process of machine learning, data seems to be the backbone in carrying out the input and output operations.

  • Neural network:- They play a significant role in building the neural network inside an AI. The artificial ability to think and respond like humans are only possible with the neural network.

  • Job opportunities: Big data and AI are separate branches. So, a lot of job opportunities are available in data management courses. New job opportunities like data analysts, data scientists, and data managers have provided a new carrier to the students. 

  • Data analytics: The operations on AI can be checked with the help of analytical tools. New data are required for processing the old one. The continuous data model links the workflow to display all the operations responsible for building an AI program. 


Bigdata and its operation are essential parameters in making a successful AI. Their linkage has a lot of applications in making the technology more advanced. In the upcoming days, a new change in the world is going to arise. It is all due to the coming of recent studies based on the current demand for technology. 

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