25 June 2021

Trick to use android phone as keyboard and Mouse for PC [ 2021 ]

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Most people in today's generation have higher typing speed in mobile phones than PC. The craze of texting apps like whatsapp, Facebook, telegram etc. have speed up the habit of typing as a fun to chat with others. But, when the matter come of doing work on laptop or PC, people get bore sometime because they have to sit for long time. Don't worry, there is a trick available which allow users to type faster in software's like MS-WORD directly from your android phone. The trick is also gonna work for those people whose keyword or mouse is not working due to some error. You only need to download an app both on laptop and android phone to start using the feature of android remote typing.

Follow the below steps to use android phone as keyword and Mouse:

1. Click here to Download PC remote app from Playstore.

2. Download the same app for PC ( windows version ) by clicking here 

Or You can also search for PC remote on Google and download the app on your windows laptop.

3. Now Turn ON Hotspot in your android phone and connect it with Laptop or PC.

4. Open the PC Remote Android app, You will find an option to connect on the bottom of the screen.

5. Also open the windows app at the same time and generate a QR code.

6. Scan the QR code to connect both android and PC.

7. The dashboard of PC remote has a broader rectangular space which can be used as touch pad for accessing the function of mouse.

8. The left and right boxes present below can be used to click left and right button of the mouse.

How to use PC remote as Keyboard:-

1. On the top right corner of PC remote app an option of keyboard is available which will popup the normal keyboard app on your phone.

2. Users can type on this keyboard and the same will reflect back on MS-WORD or any other TXT editor app on the PC.

3. The limitation of using android keyboard is that you can't use shortcut keys like shift, ctrl etc. But, all this problem can be solved by using Typewriter keyboard available on PC remote app.

4. In order to enable type writer keyboard, Navigate to the 3-dotted option available on the top right corner of the app and select Typewriter keys.

5. Special functions and calculator can also be accessed directly from the available options.

Benefits of using PC remote app:

1. You can use it as a mouse pad if your laptop's pad is not working.

2. You can use it when some keys on your laptop's keybord is not working.

3. It can be useful if you don't know touch typing and comfortable to type on Android than PC.

4. You can lay down on bed and type directly on the laptop screen.

5. The app is small in size and don't need any additional requirement to install on your system.

Final Words:

Emerging technologies have brought new methods to make things simpler. Infact, software developers are working hard to create innovative software for user compatibility. PC remote app is among such applications that has many other amazing features instead of typing. User can take advantage to use the app without the need for any internet connection and take as much benefit as possible.

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