13 June 2021

Best Website to Compress Image Size up to 20 KB

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There are many tools out there on the web that offers image compression features. Dozens of PC & android apps also offer the same feature of image compressing and resizing. But, the option to customize an image into your own file size is very rare to find. It means that if you want to compress any image to 20 KB then you won't be able to do it with accurate sizes. After, trying many image compression tools I found a website for online image compression that offers amazing compression output without reducing the image quality to a greater extent.

Name of the website:


Follow the steps below to compress your image at own size:-

1. Click here to go to the file compression webpage. Follow the steps one by one mentioned on the check boxes before getting on to the next step.

2. Upload any image of your choice. The supported format for image upload is a gif, jpeg, png, tiff, etc.

3. In the next box, you will get the option to type the image file size. By default 200 KB is penned on the box. Edit it according to your output image size.

4. Now click on the "OK" button to convert the image. It usually takes 20-60 seconds of processing time based on the size of your image.

5. Download the image after your image file gets compressed.

Application on daily life:

You might have gone through the problem of image resizing or compression if you are a student or job seeker. At the time of filling an online form, students mostly have to face the problem of image resizing. So, Copy and save the website link on your notepad to save time in the future.

Website link:


Try it out with any of the images and check if it works for you.

Final words:

The era of web tools has evolved a lot from earlier days. People don't have to use the old method like Photoshop to compress image sizes. Handy features can be availed using tools like imgonline.com.ua, User dealing with such problems must opt for these simple web features to save time and get quality output.

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