18 June 2021

Trick to access banned website in India without VPN ( Working 2021 )

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 A huge revolution of technology has prevailed in India in the last few years. With respect to time various new restrictions have come up for ensuring the limitation to certain apps and website. Indian government had put a ban on accessing websites like tik-tok & adult websites to safeguard the proper use of technology. But, some arrangements and hacks are still available to open those blocked website with the help of some VPN apps. But, In these post, we will know how to open any of these blocked website in India with the help of a browser. It will help to reduce the time of turning ON & OFF your VPN or wait for some fast server to connect.

How to access banned website in India

Follow the below steps to open blocked website in India without using VPN:-

1. Click here and download Puffin Browser

It is an app that has an inbuilt VPN from USA server, which connects automatically to the fastest network. The best thing about Puffin browser is that it is available on the Play store and completely safe to use as per their mentioned terms & conditions.

2. Install it on your device and open the app. On the home screen, you will find a list of bookmark like Google, Amazon etc.

3. Now go to the top bar and type the name of any website that is ban in India. You can enter the URL of tiktok.com or any other 18+ website URL.

4. Your website will open without the below warning.

 "Your requested URL has been blocked as per the directions received from the Department of Telecommunications, Government of India. Please contact an administrator for more information. "

5. With Puffin browser, You can enjoy accessing any website and spend time as long as you can without any restrictions.

Things You should know before using Puffin Browser:-

  1. Puffin browser runs on US server. So, user can access all the website that is NOT BANNED in the USA. This browser can't be accessed from countries like China, UAE and Saudi Arabia.
  2. All the website accessed from the browser is encrypted which means that the server can't track your search history on the browser. 
  3. Few ads will appear while accessing the browser. But, these ads will not irritate you as it doesn't emerge again and again.
  4. Puffin browser also have  mouse pad & gaming pad functions, which give a little experience of accessing the website in Windows. But, user can enable it as per their need.
  5. To bypass all the restrictions of accessibility user can go for the premium plan of the Puffin browser for a comfortable browsing experience.

Must take care of these things:-

1. No doubt, the browser ensure that it protects the safety of the user's privacy. But, as things have not been right always related to data So, it's hard to believe these confirmations.

2. User must treat this website as a secondary purpose. Don't open banking websites in the browser for making transactions.

3. Be on the safer side and must clear the data after you accessed your URL.

Final Words:

Apps make the work more easy and comfortable. Puffin browser is among those apps that can be quite helpful to those you want to enter blocked website in their country. The above trick of accessing banned website will give benefit to people who don't find to install free VPN apps on their phone.

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