20 July 2021

Best website to compress pdf files without reducing quality [ Tested 2021 ]

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There are many websites that provides the feature to compress pdf to reduced sizes, but, not everyone of it works properly and satisfy the required output. Sometimes they ask for signup for strong pdf compression to collect personal data. Some website even ask to submit PayPal or payment information for providing free trial compression. In case of emergency, thus it becomes very difficult to find any website that provides smooth pdf compression feature. After many research, I find an amazing pdf compression website which is super easy for pdf compression. It gives best quality output even after high compression of pdf files.

Follow the below steps to compress your pdf to your own size:-

1. Click here to go to the pdf compression page of Avepdf


visit here: https://avepdf.com/hyper-compress-pdf

2. Upload the PDF into the website from your device

3. It will now show options like low, medium, high and very high compression

4. Just click on compress as per your demanded file size

5. The website will show the size of compressed file after processing the pdf

For example, If you uploaded a pdf file size of 1 MB then it can compress it up to 400 KB. This size will be reviewed on the screen above the download button.

6. It helps the user to decide whether to click and download or not. Thus, it can save your data by displaying the information of the processed pdf size after compression.

7. The best part of using the website is that it doesn't reduce the quality of pdf to much low even under high pdf compression which is the most demanding feature.

However, going for super high pdf compression can somehow affect with the pdf quality.

Benefits of using Avepdf:-

  • It doesn't ask for signup process which can save much time.
  • It reduce the file size to desired output in seconds.
  • It shows the file size data before proceeding to download.
  • It better manages the quality of pdf even in the compressed format.
  • File size upto 250 MB can be easily uploaded and compressed.
My experience of compressing files in Avepdf

Best pdf compression website without compromising quality

I uploaded a file size of  1.28 MB and after processing the website converted the size to 425 KB --- that's really amazing right, I also have tried many website after Google search but it was something different that I loved. The most funny part is that, few website have increased my file size to 5-10 KB in the name of compression. I don't know, still why they are ranking on the first page. But, Avepdf is the best pdf compression website as per my experience.

Instead of this, there also exist one more pdf compressing website which is my personal favourite. 


Also, this is another legitimate source that allows you to proceed with optimized pdf compression without degrading the quality of the document. Also, the upside about this free PDF compressor is that it lets you compress multiple PDF files at once while keeping the quality high.

Follow these steps to perform pdf compression with theonlineconverter:

  1. At first, you require to visit “theonlineconverter.com” official site
  2. Once reached, search compress pdf
  3. Then, upload one or multiple PDFs into the tool-section
  4. Hit compress and lets the tool perform pdf compression
  5. Finally, save a compressed version of your PDF
Benefits of using theonlineconverter:

  • No registration and additional software are required to proceed with
  • Perform pdf file compression at an optimal level
  • Allow batch compression for PDF at free of cost
  • Preserves the original quality while compressing PDF

Final Words:

Students or any working professional always has to go through pdf compression once or many time in their life. Especially, the need is most at the time of submitting an application form for exams or job opportunities. People always prefer to take benefit of fast and easy services in all field. The Avepdf and Theonlineconverter.com websites are able to manage such quality till now and definitely going to be the most bookmarked website for pdf users.

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